New 4 in 1 TX running Deviation TX


FWIW, my T8SG compact multi-protocol TX arrived yesterday. It feels decent enough, and came with a nice hardshell case and TX strap. :smiley:

Unfortunately, it’s missing the battery door or a 4xAA battery tray. :frowning: That said, there is a JST-XH 3-pin connector on the main board. So I should be able to find a suitable 2S LiPo to hook up via the balance lead.

Hope I can try it out in the next couple of days and report back.


Mine arrives on Thursday. Good to see it comes with a case! Saw that you have to put your own 2s in there via balance, wondering which one I’ll sacrifice…do they have a recommended size? I was thinking my Lectron Pro 950’s for my old 200qx.


That’s exactly what I was thinking. I have a bunch of nano-tech 2S 950mAh (which served in a 200QX, among others) that haven’t been getting enough use. There is more than enough room to fit the 950mAh pack. In fact, I suspect that even a 1800mAh pack could fit if it had the right shape.

That’s a win for the (second of the) three R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle. :wink:

Upon further reading, it sounds like the battery bay is sized to fit a gigantic 2S 2200mAh LiPo! So we may have to pick up a dedicated pack after initial trials with reused packs. That said, I’m not sure how we’re supposed to charge the internal LiPo. :thinking:


Just got notice mine is at my mailbox!

Here’s a question…do you think we can put different gimbals in? I have a spare Devo 7 (not 7e) with nice gimbals…could I drop those suckers in?


Dont know what to think of it it seems good but could just be a bad product only youtube reviews and see it work will change my mind



I’m sure there’s a way to hack it. However, my guess is that it would be easier to wait for Jumper to come out with improved gimbals for a v2.0, and try to get those as spare parts. The lousy gimbals are my only significant gripe about this TX, but it’s hard to complain with the low-ish price and multi-protocol capability.

Jumper has already produced a (limited beta) version with a USB port in the battery bay, which it sent to Deviation developers for testing. Hopefully this means the company is serious about coming up with an improved version.


Just flew a few packs with a Tiny Whoop (DSMX). Wow…it’s a solid little controller! I actually like 90% of this TX as an every day…only to be a little letdown by the gimbals. Are they the same as the 7e? If we could get some Devo 10 or better gimbals, this would be an AMAZING TX.

More testing!


Okay, set up my FrSky (BetaFPV) SBUS Whoop and maybe the sticks loosened up, or maybe it was the tweaking I did on the radio to get it working with BF, but I’m actually pretty impressed with the gimbals compared to last night.

Are they as good as my Devo 10, or a Qx7, or DX8? Nope…but I feel like they are at least as good as the DXe and they might feel better than I remember the Devo 7e feeling.

I am flying thumbs and it feels great…I usually hybrid on the left stick with longer sticks, but this guy feels too small to do that…gonna try raising the sticks a bit, but thumbs worked great…maybe I need to throw the low and wide sticks on this little guy!


Simple trick to make my Jumper feel much better. I took off the stock, tiny sticks and replaced them with “regular” sticks from an old Devo 7. I thought the throw of the stock T8SG sticks were very short and I didn’t like how thin they were.

I hybrid on the left and thumb on the right. The stock sticks you can’t change the height on them since it’s one piece. The Walkera ones I’ve set to a good height and it feels WAAAAY more comfortable in my hands now. I’m guessing when we get the Hall Sensor Gimbals, this might be my favorite TX. :slight_smile:


@PJC: Agreed! I replaced the sticks with some orange anodized ones from a Spektrum TX (which I had put on my Devo 7e, and had to steal back). This TX is pretty decent, and it has even more potential! :smile:

On a related note, I still need to contact BG about the missing battery door on mine. Ugh! I hate dealing with support issues. :persevere:


Hey there folks,

what a relief to read that this TX seems to work quite well :heart_eyes::sunglasses::clown_face: - MINE is stated to be on it’s way. Some guys on youtube pretty much tore it apart…:lying_face:

Counldn’t one raise the sticks with a set-screw inside the sticks? On the other hand: Orange sounds good!

I’m hoping for hall sensors too - but don’t need ball bearings i think (… until i get old and shaky… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: … sort of… )



yeah, I guess you could, but the stock sticks aren’t in two pieces, so I couldn’t lock them in like my Devo sticks.

My “big thumb” sticks didn’t work either as the threads are all the way at the top of the stick and I didn’t want to cut down the collar to make them shorter.

having bigger and taller sticks really made this TX shine for me. :smiley:


@PJC ah, ok - i see. Thanks for telling. I’m pretty much a fan of tall sticks myself. Good news! :grinning:

But if the taller sticks make a difference… then… :thinking: wow - maybe i can get the sticks of my loyal fellow mc24 into the jumper. one three-position toggle switch an one two-position pushbutton … :heart_eyes: flite modes and arm without one finger leaving the sticks!!! Jeeez.


Reviving this thread because I’m interested in the Jumper T8SG. I currently have Taranis x9D+ with multiprotocol module, but I would like something more compact and cheap so I can just throw it into my backpack and not worry about it as much. Maybe do some heavy customization on it which I would rather not do on my Taranis you know.

I can currently fly everything I have with the Taranis, but because I fly a lot of E011 at the moment I think a dedicated multiprotocol might get better performance? Jumper goes up to 150mw and with a bigger antenna I imagine it must be better than a module. Also if I want to go crossfire I don’t have to swap modules and just keep Taranis for ‘the big stuff’ and use the Jumper for whoopin’.

@PJC still happy with the Jumper after this time? Any news about better gimbals? I’m still using stock Taranis gimbals and I’m fine with that, but I would like to try those hall sensor gimbals because everyone says it’s better.

Also found this thing, which is same price, looks better quality but I don’t like the big form factor:


*edit: just used the search function again and found this post which looks like exactly what I’m looking for:

Think I’m gonna wait for that one, it looks sweet!


There is a new updated one coming out with color screen and hall gimbals…no word on gimbals for the old one, but I’m guessing once the new one is out, they will follow.

I dig this radio a lot other than I like stiff gimbals and there is no adjustments on these. Other than that, I would use it all the time since I can do 11ms DSMX on an $80 radio!


Thanks Patrick. I would get it now if it wasn’t for that new one coming soon. That looks like the perfect radio for chiny whooping :slight_smile:


Isn’t the 150mw an error with deviationtx? I thought it could only do 100mw. Not complaining about the range though! (My modded devo7e served me well! Now I have a taranis.)


I don’t think it’s an error, the Devo 10 and jumper can do 150…I think the 7e was power limited…


Hopefully thia one will be even cheaper when the new one comes out!


Oh I thought I read on the deviation forums that it’s limited. I guess not! I replaced my 7e module with the devo10’s. With a 5dbi, the range is very impressive. 150mw makes sense! :+1::grin: