New 4 in 1 TX running Deviation TX


@PJC: Didn’t realize this TX was available by itself. I think there’s some feedback about it in the DYS ELF thread on RCG. AFAIR, FoxtechFPV were first to sell it, and had a separate thread that I can’t find right now. I think feedback was that it worked alright, but that the feel of the gimbals was barely better than the cheap TX included with RTF Eachine E010 and such.

Edit: Here’s the Foxtech thread for the ELF.

@Bobnova: Say what?!? :star_struck:

How do we find this deal? Do you have a direct link? Or is this something for VIPs and One Percenters. :wink:


I got a notice it’s in stock, but I can’t refund the other one on backorder…wtf? It’s $79


They are on their way! i contacted them and they are giving me it at the promo price of $79. :slight_smile:


Dammit I bought this too:

$60 for a brushless Whoop?


Hit their “Snapup Deals” banner, then click through the things to find it.
Only two of them, though. Better be quick!
At $80 they’re not exactly a bad deal either!


Argh, @PJC! So many good deals! Glad you managed to get the lower price for the TX.

Thanks, @Bobnova. Looks like I missed the snap deal.

On the upside, I got a shipping notice this morning. So BG may have decided to sell the TX with current hardware as a sort of public beta, and let the manufacturer come up with improved hardware in a second round. Time will tell how it all works out.


It’s coming up again today some time


Should I buy this radio, or the QX7? Thanks!!


If you think that MAYBE, one day you might fly DSMX, FlySky or others, then get the QX7, and if you do, then you can buy the modules (which have a tiny bit of lag)

If you are DSMX and are looking to dabble in FrSky and want one to travel with, then maybe this is a better route.

The QX7 is better quality and build too.


I already own the 7e and I’m planning on converting to Frsky (sometimes I get failsafes, as I live in quite a populated city). Now I’m leaning towards the qx7 as I want a reliable tx that never needs replacing. It’s just a lot larger than the 7e :frowning:


@joshthebox: If you want a reliable FrSky TX at reasonable cost, the QX7 is a no-brainer. If a compact TX size is a priority, this new multi-protocol compact TX looks like a winner.

Since you already own a Devo 7e, your least expensive path would be to upgrade it with a 4-in-1 RF module. @burtlo wrote a useful summary of the process in a thread here.


If you’re going frsky, go real frsky.
I too have a 7e and like that size better, but I don’t regret my x9d+ at all.


It only took me a half dozen packs to acclimatise to my x9d+ after my devo 7e, never looked back, multimodule fitted and I can still fly everything else if I want.


Another snap up in 1 hour for 50$


Drat! I was feeding the kids dinner and handling the bedtime routine. I think those “snap” deals are just too challenging for me. :wink:


Yeah, I was distracted during every interesting product too. Hehe. I find it a little insulting that decent items are put up with a quantity of only 1 or 2 also. That’s alot of fuss and attention they want for us all to scrap (worldwide) like dogs to get to 1 little bone. When marketing and promotion gets that selfish - I get a little put off. Grayson hobby has been attracting alot of my attention lately. They are building their business with the stuff we want and love from China - but at least test things first to determine what’s worth it.


It’s also annoying when they jack up the prices before a sale. So the “50%” off is more like 15-20% off the actual price.


Hear, hear, @NotFastEnuf!

TBH, I use BG like my local supermarket. I don’t have the time or inclination to scour through coupons or deal with smartphone apps. So I just pay the price I get at checkout, and shut up. :neutral_face:

PS: The Chinese marketers are beating American consumer society at its own game. Have a Coke! Eat your Wheaties! Take more pills! And your life will magically become everything you always wanted it to be! :roll_eyes:


Fortunately my local hobby shop is getting the message somewhat. They’ve been very elitist for who knows how many decades and only offered top name brands at the highest prices. Lately they’ve started getting more of our “budget” go to stuff in. They are still pretty based in old school planes, helis, and cars. But slowly realizing that fpv doesn’t have to be a phantom. But I’m loving buying from lhs and other small hobby shops with websites more and more.


Good to hear your LHS is coming around! When they are competent and in the know with current developments, it’s a pleasure to support them. Mine are 30 and 45 minutes away, respectively. Last time I visited either, the best they had was Blade stuff and spares. But no DIY stuff that I could find.

However, there are now a number of small, US-based web shops that offer a good selection at reasonable prices. Places like PyroFlip RC, RMRC, the old RTFQ, and occasionally GetFPV. Even though I’m still hooked on cheap BG stuff, I’m starting to slow down and be more judicious in my purchases. Quite often, the domestic web shops or Amazon/eBay re-sellers are a viable alternative to China direct.

In the end, it really depends on what I’m looking for, and how quickly I need it. There’s still a lot of mixing and matching suppliers, ordering stuff before I need it, and keeping a stock of parts for when the need eventually arises. Very inefficient, but part of the game. :wink: