New 4 in 1 TX running Deviation TX


I think it’s to do with the fact the developers of Deviation have got involved as BG decided not to go to them first and are using their complied firmware. Looks like they’re sending the Deviation team prototypes (with better access to USB) and this could explain why the preorders may be on delay. There’s even talk that the makers could possibly be adding hall sensor gimbals in a later revision…worth checking the forum out.

Anyway, I’m kind of gutted now as I love my modified Devo 7E and I don’t want to replace it but if the gimbals are hall sensor it’ll have to be done


Don’t the stock gimbals have no bearing in them or something? I think this TX is really cool, but if the gimbals aren’t as good as the devo7e’s… :confounded:


Over at Deviation? Link?


I found the forum on deviation about this tx… didn’t read it yet though.


Pretty sure the 7e doesn’t have ball bearings in the gimbals either.


I don’t think they do. I wonder if the potential hall sensors gimbals on the Jumper could be transplanted to the Devo 7E…


@joshthebox: Thanks for linking to the Deviation thread!

Last night, I got an e-mail from BG stating that my pre-order for the T8SG multi-protocol TX “was delayed due to a delay in the manufacturing process.” I would say this confirms that the manufacturer has delayed the release to work with the Deviation developers. I think it’s the right call, which will hopefully lead to an even better product, both in hardware and in software. I will gladly wait for that!

Also, somebody over in the RCG thread confirmed that all four switches are 3-position. The manufacturer apparently has apparently moved the USB port to the battery bay as well. So those are two more plus-points for this TX.


Thought I would jump in here after recently taking apart some almost 10 year old gimbals in my devo 8s. These were ball bearing gimbals but I soon discovered their Achilles heel. There is a swing arm plate that the tension spring attaches to and the 2 centering pins cantilever off of. This part is plastic from Walkera. After 10 years of use … my centering pins have worn into this plate close to 1/8 inch deep… it’s extreme.

Anyway, a 3d printer will be arriving today so I can design some adapter plates to install hall gimbals in the devo - which have metal tension/ centering plates. I could care less about hall vs potentiometer - that plate is the fastest wearing item in a gimbal if it’s plastic. There is friction constantly sliding across it every time a stick moves from the 2 centering pins on each axis. Pretty sure I can find use for the printer after the gimbal project is done too. Just have to learn how to make one print properly first. Lol


So, you’re getting a printer so you can repair your 10 year old budget tx! Nice bit of justifying the purchsase there mate lol.
Actually, of all the folks I know, you are most likely to come up with one or two other uses for it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well I wouldn’t exactly call the devo 8s a budget tx. Or at least it wasn’t at the time I purchased it. With shipping it was darn near 300$. The color touch screen was quite an innovative feature a decade ago and still works very well. At the time a devo12 with the larger touch screen was 500$ so I guess it was the more budget friendly option. The 8s is no longer available so if I want to keep it … I have to repair it. I set uo a devo 7e for my brother and absolutely hated it - no way I could fly with that thing. I guess a devo 10 would be an option but the mixer is somewhat cumbersome without a touch screen. There are still some closeout 12s radios out there … but they still cost more than the printer and the gimbals are the same as what’s in my 8s. Anyway, yeah … a bunch of justification.


I’d forgotten what a stock 7e looked like, so used to what mine has become.

You’re going to like having a 3d printer, once you convince it to do is job properly.
Just remember that it’s a precision calibrated device and you’ll be fine. It’s when people treat them like a power drill that issues happen. That and check your bed and nozzle heater connections from time to time, them getting loose can cause fire.


I remember not being able to afford an 8s and was pleased with my 7e once I’d added every available mod. Your right, it’s worth keeping it going for sure.
I had heard that these printers have pids you can tune, right up your street :grinning:


Yeah… lol. Oh boy! Anyway, the investment in a printer as opposed to a devo 12 seemed wise. Especially since eventually the 12 gimbals would wear out in the same way and I’m back to square 1.
And I’m not ready to go open tx yet after 10 years of a color touch screen interface. I’m spoiled


What printer did you buy?
I’m just curious. Don’t know much 'bout that topic.


The total beginners special - a monoprice maker select. I had is set up out of the box and printing inside of 15 minutes after it arrived last night. My first two prints (demo files) came out totally artifact free. Granted they weren’t challenging prints - but it’s encouraging to see decent results on anything especially when you have no knowledge or experience. It costs about 100$ more than an equivalent diy kit - but totally worth it for a frustration free starting point. At least now I have a proper baseline instead of a pile of unknowns to start with.


@NotFastEnuf: That is so cool! :sunglasses: It’s crazy to think you can now get a 3D printer that will work right out of the box for $300. I had no idea prices for non-DIY had dropped that far. Last I checked it was about $1000 for a small MakerBot (admittedly a high end brand).

IMO, it’s definitely worth it to spend a good bit more for something that will work easily. My daughter learned how to print 3D at summer camp this year, so she’s been begging to get one. However, the required setup and fine-tuning kept me away from picking up a 3D printer. Dealing with ESC and FC firmware and PIDs is bad enough. No way I’d deal with that for a printer! :dizzy_face:

Other than easy setup, the Maker Select v2 has an 8" x 8" printer bed. This means you could theoretically print a 200mm diagonal quad frame (if it was structurally sound). And it can print up to 7" high. That’s a huge volume! For $300 ready to print, you can’t beat that with a stick. :smiley:

PS: With a full metal enclosure, the Ultimate 3D Printer looks more solid and a lot nicer. But it’s more than double the price of the Maker Select, despite nearly identical specs. Probably makes most sense to start with a $300 model, then wait and see what hits the market in 1-2 years. I bet there’s an equivalent to Moore’s Law for 3D printers as well! :wink:

PPS: Maybe my excuse for getting a 3D printer could be to craft a custom compact TX case to my liking. If the Jumper T8SG doesn’t deliver, I could get a Taranis on closeout (being replaced by Horus X10), and transplant the innards (incl. Hall sensor gimbals) into a 3D printed compact TX enclosure. Oy vey! :stuck_out_tongue:


That sounds fantastic! Also in the true spirit of micro motor enabling … it might also interest you that the maker select can be had refurbished for 250 directly from monoprice. But back on topic - I am shopping now for abs and will dive into the gimbal project soon. Maybe we can get hall gimbal into a jumper too?? I would be interested in that.


@NotFastEnuf: Your pleasant startup experience with this affordable 3D printer makes me think we’ll have one in our house before the year is out. I’m thinking about ordering for Thanksgiving, which would be a good time for a family tinkering project with the visiting tech-savvy relatives. :wink:

According to a post on the DeviationTX forum, the manufacturer has delayed release in order to incorporate feedback from Deviation developers. Supposedly, they now plan to release the T8SG with hall sensor gimbals! If that really happens, our pre-orders for <$100 would be an incredible deal. But I suspect any changes to hardware would cause a significant delay.


I wanted to play with some FrSky stuff soon, so I just ordered this…not fully featured, but as a quick “On the Run” Whoop TX? We’ll see. I hope I can alter the sticks…REALLY loving the low and wide ones I got for my Devo 10.


Jumper is on Banggood snap-up flash deal in 21 hours, for 50 bucks.

That, right there, is a deal.