New 4 in 1 TX running Deviation TX


$99… small and already with the 4 in 1 installed!


That multi-protocol TX looks great! The title even calls it “compact.” I wonder how it compares in size to the Devo 7e.


That looks very interesting!


I hope the gimbals are good, and I hope you can change the sticks as I’ve been a convert to the low and flat “Playstation” style thumb controls.

Super excited about this one!



Went back and checked the product description on BG. Dimensions are 188 x 151 x 86mm. That roughly matches dimensions of the Devo 7e, including handle and antenna!

If this multi-protocol TX is indeed the same compact size as a Devo 7e, it’s going to be perfect for (a) kids with smaller hands, and (b) a compact travel TX. Since it runs DeviationTX from the factory, it should be easy to set up as well. Only possible reservation is apparent lack of 3-position switches.

Now I’m excited, too! :smiley:


Hurry up, @PJC! Just saw that BG opened up pre-orders for $90. I couldn’t resist. :blush:


DONE! I don’t know if I really needed it, but I couldn’t resist! Maybe now I’ll fly FrSky! :stuck_out_tongue:


Brilliant, @PJC! :smiley:

That’s one of the reasons I picked it up! I’ve been wanting to try FC’s with built-in FrSky receiver, like some of the TW boards and especially the fishpepper TinyFISH FC. Plus, this thing is $10-20 less than the (ginormous) Taranis QX7, and about half the size! Perfect match for brushed and brushless micro-quads.

Now to wait until the pre-orders ship, and make their way to US soil. My latest BG order was drop-shipped from California!?! So I’m crossing fingers that it won’t be too long for this TX.

PS/Edit: Description says it arrives at BG warehouse Sept. 4. So it hopefully won’t be too long until they reach our doorsteps.

Also, it just occurred to me that the case design is a Futaba lookalike. Clean lines and smooth surfaces. I kinda like it!


Yup! I have been wanting to test an SBUS Queen or BetaFPV Whoop FC since they are lighter than the AcroWhoop v2 Spektrum…AND the fishpepper too!

I have big hands so we’ll have to see how it works, and I am hoping I can use my short and wide sticks on it…low profile!

I’m trying not to get to antsy and expect it to ship on time, or get it soon…but I did notice the Sept. 4th arrival as well. :smiley:


Check this out! :heart_eyes:

Looks like there is a thread on RCG as well.

Two reported weak points: 1. lousy gimbals with no bearings (WTF?!? :dizzy_face:), and USB port is hidden inside the case (I can live with that).


Hmmm, that’s disappointing about the gimbals, but I’ll reserve judgement once I get it in my hands. The battery door seems wonky too, but if it is coming with a rechargeable 2s, I’m cool with that!


Agreed. Let’s wait and see. I’m hoping that the gimbals will feel no worse than those on the Devo 7e (since the two appear related). Not great, but livable for a compact TX.

That big “foot,” for lack of a better term, at the bottom of the case is awkward. But in the end, this TX is about portability and multi-protocol compatibility. So I’ll be happy with the 2S power pack.

I’ve said this before… I really wish the serious TX manufacturers (I’m looking at you, Spektrum and FrSky!) would offer a fully-featured compact TX. I want a quality compact TX so badly that I’d gladly pay full-size prices for it. This Jumper T8SG will be fine, especially for kids. However, I’d like a micro-size DX6 or Taranis even better! :smiley:


I don’t know if this has been posted before but is a really tiny frsky tx.


If this is good I might jump to FrSky… all the lightweight serial Whoop FC’s are FrSky


@Chaotix: Now that’s tiny! Haven’t seen this one before. I do remember a similar compact FrSky compatible TX that shipped with some micro RTF package from China.

However, is that thing programmable? I guess it would be OK if you use it with a single quad. But inconvenient, like the stock RTF game console TX’s, if you want to use it with more than one model.


I’ve talked to the guys and its going to be upgradeable with new gimbals, and an app to control the OpenTx software.


Hold on, @PJC! Are you saying we’ll be able to add better gimbals to the Jumper T8SG? And there’s going to be a version of OpenTX to run on this, in addition to Deviation (Devo 7e version) that will come preinstalled?

Those guys are some interesting sources! Now I’m curious and even more excited.

Edit: Nevermind. I think you might be talking about the FURC TX that @Chaotix linked. Then what you said would make more sense.


Sorry, was on my phone when I posted that.

The FU-RC one will have OpenTX on it and an app…upgradeable gimbals (to Hall Sensor ones I think) and other upgrades. I really love my Devo 10 and that’s why I’ve stayed Spektrum, but there are so many better SBUS Whoop FC’s out there that are super light, and all the Pepperfish stuff, it might make me switch…maybe the T8SG is the gateway to a Taranis or the FU.


No worries, @PJC! My apologies for adding confusion!

That’s quite wild! With no screen and an app, it sounds similar in concept to the Spektrum DXe. Just a lot smaller, and thus better for kids and travel. On a FU-RC related note, I realized that the casing looks very similar to a stock Syma controller (which I stumbled across this morning).

In my mind it’s really a double gateway. With the multi-protocol capability, you can access the world of FrSky, yet continue to fly DSMX without worry. IMO, that’s particularly valuable in a compact TX. Because when you travel, you don’t want to carry a second TX for a different protocol.

I suspect that I will eventually add a dedicated, full-size FrSky TX to my toolbox. However, my expectation is that I’ll keep around a full-size DSMX TX as well, if for nothing else than out-of-box compatibility and easiest setup with the fleet of Horizon/E-flite BNF toys, e.g. my UMX Radian (micro electric glider) and upcoming UMX Timber (micro BL bush plane).


Was just checking BG to see if my multi-protocol TX had shipped. Instead, you can no longer pre-order it, and they have changed status from “stock expected Sept. 4” to “coming soon.” Not sure if this is a good or bad sign. We’ll just have to wait and see.

In any case, I remain excited about a compact TX that will handle all popular protocols right out of the box. :slight_smile: