New 4 in 1 ESC not working


Have you checked with a multimeter? There night be a short hiding around somewhere.


The motor leads are all shorted to each other, but I’m going to have to scrape off the RTV covering the ESC pads tomorrow.


So I carefully scraped off the RTV and low and behold the solder joint was broken! Resoldered it and now my last motor works!

However, I still can’t connect to BLheli, and swapping the middle wire with one of the corner wires to the ESC did not cause the motor to spin in the opposite direction.

Shouldn’t swapping any of the three phases cause the motor to spin in the opposite direction or at I missing something here?


Each motor has 3 phases, swapping any two will reverse direction, definitely. Not sure of a way you could swap them and have it still go the same way.


I’ll double triple check. Must just be getting confused lol.


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Yeah. Swapping the motor wires worked.