Need suggestions for a good camera and antenna combo

I’m using an Eachine EV800 headset with 640 by 480 resolution. I’m having some minor range issues behind obstructions and blurry images with my Eachine TX02. Since I’ve got an Eachine ProDVR and my new brushless micro, I’d like to get better video. I’ll post some videos later. :grin:

Can you guys recommend a good camera/VTX combo and a good antenna?

Desired Specs:
Googles: Eachine EV800 with 640 by 480 resolution

Range: I’d like to be able to fly moderately far and behind some trees so maybe a cloverleaf or mushroom? Not sure which is better.

Camera: I’m flying in the daytime and I’d like a sharp image so I can judge the distance and shape of trees well. Low lag is a plus, so I guess I can’t go too high on TVL? I already have a 3D printed holder for my Eachine TX02, so around the same size would be good especially because I’m flying a Micro.

Current Parts:
Current googles anetenna: Linear
Current AIO camera: Eachine TX02 200mW with Cloverleaf.


You may want to uprade the antenna on the goggles from linear to a TBS triumph or something like that.

vtx03 and micro swift if you can fit it in your build would be nice, but if not vtx03 and micro cmos 600tvl camera works just fine.

I have a vtx03, micro cmos 600 TVl camera in my 2” micro quad. I use a similar headset but with a triumph antenna. I can fly further than I desire for that size quad. Vtx03 destroys the reception of the tx02. That cloverleaf on the tx02 is weak. Especially after the lobes get bent

Get yourself a cloverleaf or Pagoda antennas for the goggles. Mushroom antennas are just cloverleaf in a shell, do those are fine too.
That’ll make a solid difference.

How is VTX03 better if it’s also 200mW? Also, if I’m looking for penetration power around a couple of trees would I need a whip or cloverleaf antenna on my VTX03?

Will the 600tvl camera be any clearer than my Eachine TX02? Don’t I need more TVL to get clearer (of course this may increase lag…)

Do you have any advice on a good brand/dealer? I would go with Banggood, but I’d rather buy a quality antenna once rather than several cheap antennas.


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Doesn’t matter that much really. Far Vew pagodas are great. Get a Pagoda and a triple feed patch (directional) and you’ll be golden. Those goggles have two antennas right?

No unfortunately I bought these before they added diversity to some of them, so I only have one antenna to play with.

Ahh well. Grab a Pagoda then.

So a pagoda for my VRX and a cloverleaf for my VTX?

I do have a light 3D printed guard for my VTX.

Yup, exactly. Both polarized the same direction of course.

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You mentioned you wanted better penetration(/range. Like Bobnova suggested, get a pagoda or higher gain antenna.

Okay. Thanks guys for all the replies. I just want to be sure I’m buying the right upgrades.

I’m going to get the FarVew Pagoda for my googles.

Do you guys think a 600 TVL micro swift and a VTX03 would have a better image than my Eachine TX02, which seems to have the same stats?

Also, would the cheap $7 cloverleaf antenna from Banggood be good for the VTX03 or is there a better quality one I should buy instead for better range?

The micro Swift has significantly better light handling and a sharper picture at the cost of washed out colors and more sharpness related noise. It weighs more, too.

Antenna quality wise, it doesn’t make that huge a difference generally speaking.

My fpv goggles just has 1 antenna, (some have 2 for even better signal) it is a TBS triumph (Basically a cloverleaf stuffed in a plastic shell.) It came with some cheap antenna, but I had the triumph laying around so I put it on.

I always thought it was good to match cloverleaf to cloverleaf but turns out in this case it’s a little different. In comparison between the tx02 and the vtx03 I get much more signal from the vtx03, not sure why exactly but here is my theory:

When tx02 is brand new it works awesome. The moment u start bending those antenna lobes tho signal gets weaker. Far too delicate IMO. The linear antenna on the vtx03 just seems to take all sorts of damage with no worry of signal loss.
As far as penetration around trees, the tx02 is okay, but the vtx03 just destroys it in clarity. 200 should mean 200 but my 200 fx977t full sized VTX performs worse than my vtx03…

I can literally fly wherever I want with vtx03. (This is coming from a huge tx02 fan) believe it or not tho tx02 is one of the best AIO cams for picture quality, so hopefully getting a cloverleaf antenna helps out with the issue, If not you may need to get a micro swift/vtx03 if you want better true, crisp picture quality.

I’ll go with the microswift and vtx03 combo and replace the vtx antenna with a cloverleaf.

Should I get a microswift or a microswift V2?

Also, I plan to cut the video wire on both the VTX and the cam and run it through the OSD chip on my FC. Would this be okay?


V2 probably has more upgrades/features so I would go with v2, especially if it’s the same price. Just double check between the 2 before you pull the trigger. Also, make sure ur frame can fit the micro swift before you buy it JIC it doesn’t.

As far as wiring goes, I’m not experienced enough to give you good advice on that. Please wait for a more experienced member to dive into that one.

What frame u working on? Also what FC are you using? :slight_smile:


I think my frame is an Eyas 112mm frame. It fits the TX02 well. I’m using an Omnibus Nano V2 FC from RTFQ.

As far as fitting a micro swift goes,

the dimensions of the runcam swift micro 2 are: 19x19x19mm
the dimensions of the tx02 are: 20x13x6mm

as far as width goes you should be able to squeeze it in there, but as far as mounting room things may get a bit tight, maybe removing the center standoff for the camera mount would allow for more room! You also have to keep in mind you need to find a spot to put the vtx03 as well. You may be able to increase the height of the stack by getting taller standoffs and squeezing the vtx03 in there. Or you could try to mount the vtx03 in the back vertically behind the runcam micro swift… it would more than likely require some creativity, but could probably be done!

There may also be some 3d printed camera mounts that may work with that frame for runcam micro swift and vtx03/atx03 , i would try to see if u could search banggood or thingiverse for something along those lines.

At worst if things don’t fit accordingly, you could probably ditch the standoffs and two camera side plates and just hot glue this onto the top of that top plate

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Yeah. I have a pretty nice 3D printer so I could print a mount for it.

Do you guys think I should get the 145 FOV or the 160 FOV? I’m used to 150 FOV on my Eachine TX02, but would 160 FOV give me better perspective for proximity?

Also, are the UFL connectors easy to replace i.e. would it be easy (no soldering) to replace the linear antenna on the VTX03 with this cloverleaf? I’ve never dealt with these connectors before. Is this cloverleaf even good? It’s so cheap compared to the $30 one from getFPV.

i wouldnt recommend replacing the linear antenna on the vtx03. The standard antenna that it comes with is gold. get a cloverleaf style antenna for your headset though.

banggood sells replacement vtx03 antennas as well… i would pick up a few of those. Those can be changed without soldering, they just snap and click into place.