Need help with RX not showing movement in Cleanflight


Can you help me with my name in cleanflight problem. Okay so here is my problem… I have connected everything to my receiver and everything is bound (using one servo cable). When I connect the board to cleanflight and everything is still bound. I go to the receiver tab and when I move me sticks nothing moves. What’s happening? How can I fix it? Switch ports on my receiver?

Let's try... brushless!?

Which FC are you using and how have you connected to it. Are you using ppm or Sbus? Some FC use pin 4 for this, some others… @RCdude_01 just a little more detail, and some one here will know the answer(hopefully)


I am using the Naze 32. I am using one lead. Here’s a picture.


I know the Rx is connected wrong in this picture I got it right right after by switching the black and yellow wire.


If you are using cppm for your one wire then pin 1 is the one it goes to. If that is an sbus RX then you either need an inverter(unless its a rev6) or to get the uninverted signal from the RX by doing a little mod. Sbus goes to Pin 4 on the naze.

Have you selected the right type of rx on the configuration page in CF.


So sorry for the late reply. I am using the rev 5 I believe. Did I plug in the wires to the wrong pins on the receiver? I don’t know if this is an sbus receiver. I am willing to try anything though.


What type of RX do I select?


What RX do you have?


I am not sure. I took the casing off. All I know is that it’s spektrum. I am also using the Spektrum Dx6i.


Do you need a picture?


Does your receiver support ppm?


I don’t know. (Sorry I’m new to this)


Hard for us to help when we don’t even know what you’re using :frowning:


I’m sorry… :sleepy: Is there anything I can do to help you help me?


The middle light is blinking. (The light in between the solid blue and red lights)


In Cleanflight you need to select Serial RX on UART2 under ports.

Then in Configuration select RX_Serial and Spektrum 1024 or 2048. Not sure what your receiver is so I’d say try 1024 first.


@Mullet is right, problem is we don’t know your RX @RCdude_01. We can’t help you exactly without knowing your components.


@Mullet is on the money for the spektrum settings. Now, as the guys say, it is a bit tricky not knowing what you have, but some RX need to use a specific output for PPM(usually it is 1 not always) and some need a jumper across another channel to change them to Cppm output.

On the pcb of the RX I am sure somewhere will be a number that relates to the model. My frsky usually have it and the revision number on them.


I would recommend try to connect it with pwm first to see if it is working. There are only a few Spektrum receivers out there which have a ppm output and i think yours doesn’t. The bad thing with the dx6i is, that there isn’t a way to set ppm-output to a channel, you always need a receiver who support it. I would recommend you to get a Spektrum-Satellite, they are small and cheap (like this one ). In the past you had also to buy a Receiver where you connect the Satellite, but today you can bind it with cleanflight.


I am having the same problem with my setup on my QAV ULX. I am using a DX6i with the Spektrum Satellite Receiver on a LUX Flight Controller. Can anyone help me with this?