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Need help with config.h on e011


Im new to tinywhoops and just fashed my first e011 . But i am using stock toy transmitter! And the settings in the firmware are way too agressive for me to learn to fly. Anyone can help guide me to changing the setting best suited for a beginner using stock transmitter? The yaw/pitch/roll are very sensitive near center joystick. In fpv it looks very twitchy movment with stock toy tx. I would like to reduce the sensitivity but dont know where to start.


Pid tuning and rates not so sure on but
if you gently twist and gently pull upwards on the sticks you can add a quarter inch to the length of the sticks. Nw it won’t break the tx
Making the sticks longer should allow for a little less of an aggressive feel in regards to pitch/roll/yaw.
Worked for me bro


Follow my suggestion to you on the nfe fork about the angle pids thread but also change your max bank angle down to 55 degrees, and set your angle roll expo and angle pitch expo to .80

I didn’t realize you were on a toy tx. It needs to be dulled down for sure. Do all those things and you’ll be flying smoother.