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Need help to setup Taranis X9D+, Spektrum DM9 and Beecore V1 (flashed with Betaflight 3.2.2)


Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m trying to setup Beecore V1.0 (non OSD, DSM version) on my Taranis X9D+ with Spektrum DM9 module. I had the radio working on a stock Inductrix FPV FC before, so the change in the system is swapping in Beecore FC. I managed to flash Beataflight 3.2.2 and set everything up and get it flying kinda sluggishly. Watched many Youtube tutorials but still a bit confused. I’m having a few issues and hope someone more knowledgable can chime in to help.

  1. Can’t set the upper limit of the servo range to 2000. I can set the lower limit to 1000 using endpoint adjustment on all channels, but can’t get the upper limit to 2000 even if with endpoint value set to 150. Does this have anything to do with the DM9 module setting? Current radio setting is PPM, Ch1-8, 22.5ms, 400u, (-) negative polarity.

  2. Motor PWM rate and settings: I have read 1000, 16000 and so on, anyone know what the optimum rate here is? The instruction manual says 1000, but at this setting there is an audible hum when motors running. Set at 16000 the loud hum is gone. I have also set the PID loop separate from Motor PWM, also what should I setup here?

  3. I’m completely new to Betaflight and no experience with PID tuning. Anyone willing to provide some guidance on PID settings?

  4. Rates. I see there are rates and expo setting in PID setting page. Does this mean if I have rates set up here, I should turn off the rates and expo on the radio? I am assuming the rates will “double-up” or somehow affect each other.



Ok here it goes.

  1. on menu page 2 check extended limits… That will let u go from 1000 to 2000.

  2. Set up rates from betaflight not your controller.

  3. I cant help with pid tunes…

  4. 16000 is ok… Motor pwm/pid

  1. No real optimum, as long as the PWM is sufficiently fast it won’t bottom out, and so just set whatever you prefer to listen to. I’m not sure if faster PWMs increase CPU looptime, so that might be a factor.
  2. Here are some sample settings to start:
    Betaflight 3.2 on the BeeBrain v1 - basic settings
    BetaFlight 3.2 FINAL - on BetaFPV F3 OSD Whoop
  3. Rates:
    If you are in level (angle) mode, the flight controller expo means nothing. If you want expo ( and I recommend that you do) you need to set it up in the taranis. Using set level_limit = 90 will set the final angle the FC will hold the model at. The only thing the rates here will do is influence the `flip’ speed in horizon mode.
    If you fly in acro, the rates in the FC will influence your flight. Do not use taranis rates.


Thanks for chiming in guys. I have found a beecore thread on RCGroups. Tried setting up the board per your suggestions and a few I found in the other thread. I’m kind of on the verge of giving up on this board.

I’ve set the min and max ranges of endpoints of each channel, only to find that each time I re-bind or turn off and on the transmitter, the values of my settings drift from the previous settings. I am not sure if this drifting of values causes a couple of the motors (not all 4) to spin even when throttle stick is all the way down (off).

The quad will arm and fly sluggishly (probably due to the PID tune), I crash or bump into something that forces me to go off throttle (all the way off) but now a couple motors still spin. This happens with Air mode enabled or disabled. I have to disarm to turn all motors off. When I go back to re-arm, the FC has a hard time re-binding to the transmitter.


I somehow can’t get rid of the idea you don’t have the right type of firmware…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Sluggish, messy… i could have said that too, when i flashed ‘spracingf3’ into my BetaFPV OSD FC…
If you set defaults, set modes and don’t forget to set ‘brushed’ - it must fly.


I just double checked the betaflight target I flashed, it is SPRACINGF3EVO ver 3.2.2. I haven’t tweaked it much since I’m a complete noob when it comes to betaflight, so I haven’t dared tweak it to the point where I can’t fly it. The tiny whoop flies, just not great… I swapped back to the stock inductrix fpv FC just so I can keep flying while I research and find out why I’m experiencing all these various issues with Beecore.

Actually thinking of just getting rid of the Beecore V1 DSM board and get an Acrowhoop, the new beecore v2 or beebrain v2. I got the Beecore V1 DSM before I got a Taranis X9D+ about 2 weeks ago. Otherwise I would’ve just gotten a FrSky version…


First, i’m not a professional here!
2nd: You say beecore… to me sounds like eachine. eachine would be spracingf3 - NO evo! :thinking:


On second thought - could you give me a more in depth idea of what ‘just not great’ really shall say? What would be the difference between beecore and inductrix?
Is it like the beecore is kinda sliding to one direction once u let go of pitch and roll?

Besides: does ‘SingleFin’ stand for you’re doing ‘helicopters’ whilst standing on ‘liters’?


At the current state of tune, the Beecore, compared to the stock Inductrix FPV, feel sluggish. Like too much expo or dual rate. I have been flying my Inductrix with no expo in all controls to train myself how to fly in acro/rate mode. So I’m used to the craft feeling very crisp and responsive at the slightest control input around center stick. I don’t understand Betaflight’s PID tuning and rate tuning at all, so all these settings were left at default values. There isn’t much sliding action, but feels the sticks are heavy, ie not much response until I give it too much stick.

As for the flash target, I’ve referred to quite a few tutorials online on Beecore FC and betaflight. I’m quite positive I’ve not fudged flashing the wrong target onto the FC.

My alias “Singlefin” actually comes from my long time involvement with surfing, where I especially like the way single fin surfboards ride and feel.


Regarding the variety of FCs out there, chances are that boards and firmware get mixed. But as you describe your matters i see i pretty much missed the point.

Now i’m not the PID tuner myself, but you can try these settings, which i feel make the beecore a notch or 2 more responsive (found them on the internet from don’t know anymore…)

If they don’t do better for you, you might tell me the differences of your boards in punch-outs and vertical descents.

Besides: I thought you’d use wind to make way on the water :wink: Damn bad i have like 700mi to the next ocean in one direction and pretty much the same in the opposite one…

set dterm_lowpass_type = PT1
set dterm_lowpass = 160
set dterm_notch_hz = 260
set dterm_notch_cutoff = 160
set vbat_pid_gain = OFF
set pid_at_min_throttle = ON
set dterm_setpoint_weight = 200
set acc_limit_yaw = 100
set acc_limit = 0
set iterm_windup = 50
set iterm_limit = 150
set pidsum_limit = 500
set pidsum_limit_yaw = 400
set yaw_lowpass = 0
set p_pitch = 92
set i_pitch = 50
set d_pitch = 25
set p_roll = 85
set i_roll = 70
set d_roll = 24
set p_yaw = 200
set i_yaw = 50
set d_yaw = 20
set p_alt = 50
set i_alt = 0
set d_alt = 0
set p_level = 50
set i_level = 50
set d_level = 75
set p_vel = 55
set i_vel = 55
set d_vel = 75
set level_limit = 55
set horizon_tilt_effect = 75
set horizon_tilt_expert_mode = OFF
rateprofile 0
set rc_rate = 144
set rc_rate_yaw = 164
set rc_expo = 0
set rc_expo_yaw = 0
set thr_mid = 50
set thr_expo = 0
set roll_srate = 78
set pitch_srate = 78
set yaw_srate = 60
set tpa_rate = 10
set tpa_breakpoint = 1650


Thanks mcRich for sharing the setup. I’m gonna ditch the DSM version of this FC. The trim center and endpoints drift every time I turn on and off the radio, making things quite difficult. I’m gonna try and get the FrSky version of either the new Beebrain V2, AcroWhoop V2 or another Beecore V2. Once, I get the new FrSky board, I’ll try out your settings and ping you back for more help.