Need help finding rare motor upgrades Please!

Hello everyone. My friend and I each have a Graupner 110 Alpha (mine) and an Inductrix fpv HD (his). Unfortunately these seem to be the most uncommon micros on the market! Sure original parts are still available, but we want to hop these up! I don’t have access to a micrometer and for the life of me I cannot determine the size from anywhere online. Does ANYone have ANY clue what I can do? Motor size? Power? Preferably something that won’t fry them. Thanks everyone in advance for checking this out. -Mike

Hey Mike, welcome to the forum!

The Graupner 110 takes 8.5mm motors. These work great in that model:

I could not find exact motor details on the Inductrix FPV HD. Based on the battery capacity and the pictures, I assume these are either 8.0 or 8.5mm motors. If you can take the motors out of both models, hold them next to each other and check if the are the same diameter. 0.5mm different is noticable. It helps putting them on a flat surface to compare.

This is the only 8.0mm we make: