Need Help! Did I ruin my Inductrix FC?

So I caught the drone bug about a month ago and since purchased a inductrix. After breaking the frame a little I decided to upgrade the frame and motors. Upon installing the frame and motors I went to test it and noticed SMOKE from one motor. I immediately unplugged the battery. I noticed the wires on the motor were stripped and touching. All other motors are still working but not the one with smoke. All LED lights work and it binds fine. My question is do I have to buy a whole new fc board or is there something I can do like solder the wires directly to the board. Maybe it’s just the plastic plug that’s shorted?

Very likely that you burned a FET - there are various threads in this forum explaining what to look for.
Search string “FET”:

Where we the wires touching?

An easy test is to plug your other like spinning motor where that on was and see if it works. Just make sure it’s the same directional spin as the smoked one.


I think you are 100℅ right. It is the FET. I remember there being four and now there is only three. I circled the motor that is not working. Im sure the FET was in that area. The problem is I have searched but can not find a seller for a FET. Even worse is it hard to solder something that small?

I believe soldering a FET would require micro SMD soldering

This can be difficult, and in some cases it’s not worth the stress in learning how to micro solder… Sometimes it is easier just to buy a new FC…

but if you have the time available to learn, and the means necessary to do it anything is possible!

Good luck on the FC!

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Definitely a toasted FET.
Can fix it if you’d like.
Are you in the US?


That would be really cool if you could do that. Yes I live in Michigan.

I’ll PM you my address so you can send the patient.

OK thanks a lot man. I tried to PM you but it says I have reached my limit for the day?

Don’t be afraid of fet repair, it’s easy, just very small, no need for smd station or anything fancy.


Did you ever get your FC fixed? I believe I have the same issue with a fet going bad, just one going to the motor. I wasn’t sure if you attempted to do it yourself or if Jtwalkz was able to help you out.