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Need Advice on second hand 3D printer!


What do you guys think about this Tiny 3D printer ? the guy asking 200$ canadian dollar .

First time using 3D printer :

Main use :
Printing Whoop related parts

  • Frames
  • Camera mount
  • other small parts

Pros : ?
Cons : ?



My concern with a printer like that is what happens if any of the parts fail. Where would I get help with fixing it.
I bought a Tevo Tarantula Kit 3D Printer about 2 years ago and have been very happy with it.

Lots of YouTube reviews on it.
There is a Tevo Tarantula Facebook group that now has grown to 48,600 members! That is where you can get quality community help just like we do in here for quads.
Search FB for the group called TEVO Tarantula Prusa i3 owners.

It might not be for you but it’s a great starting point to research and learn because it is a kit printer and very affordable for the quality at which it prints at.


Thanks you very much for your feedback and advice ! I’ll look at it .


You’re welcome. Note that the printer you wanted to buy doesn’t have a heated print bed. That’s a very important feature for a 3D printer.

The company behind the TEVO brand has expanded their line of printers since I bought mine.
Looks like you can pay slightly more for a printer that requires very little assembly. One has no heat bed.

So, the main thing for you is to decide if you like to be able to upgrade the printer yourself by printing upgrade parts & buying & installing better after-market parts to make it better, which is fun and interesting, or do you just want something that works out of the box with very little tinkering.

Either way, 3D printing requires a lot of time and patience to get your printer to print well even if you buy a ready made one. A kit will save you money and give you more in depth understanding about 3D printers because you are forced to be the mechanic as you build it from the parts. A ready made printer will be more expensive but get you printing almost immediately.

Here is the playlist of videos that shows you how to build the Tevo Tarantula and how to upgrade it with printed parts to improve performance. You’ll get a pretty good idea from skimming through these videos if you’re the type who would prefer a kit or a pre-assembled printer.


Consider Ender 3 as well. If space is a problem, go with Ender 2 which has a smaller footprint. Ender 3 sells for about USD180 on GB. It’s a very well-regarded printer too, together with the Tevo.