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Nano QX vs Tiny Whoop - possible hybrid design?


I’d honestly suggest the ductless version @Quad_Jake . It flies a good bit better without the drag of the ducts. And builds out weighing less than a tiny whoop. But whichever you like is fine. You’ll need some smaller props like hm830’s, x9’s, gw008’s, or nqx. I’m not done comparing them all for myself so not positive which one to suggest as the absolute best … also - which flight controller do you have to use for the project? And you’re right… this Is a great way to take tiny whoop parts and make a great freestyle trainer out of them!


I probably will go ductless for training with less inertia. I have a beecore laying around but I’m considering an Inductrix pro fc just because I have a spectrum dx6e. Thanks for any and a suggestions😉


Excellent! You are actually going to push me to complete the final phase of my “BOSS SERIES” project! I currently have one version that fits the Chinese toy fc mounting (un -symmetrical diamond), a beta version that has a tray to mount a tiny f3, but I need something with the symmetrical inductrix mounting pattern. Both the beecore and inductrix pro fc’s have the true diamond. Give me a few days and I’ll work out that final design!


How is the e011 fc? It’s the lightest right, does it handle 19k motors as well as other fc’s same amount of power going to motors?


Better IMHO. But you need a radio with a multimodule to control it