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Nano QX vs Tiny Whoop - possible hybrid design?


Sorry @NotFastEnuf, I won’t have time to order these as I’ll only be in the States for a week and Gearbest won’t be able to meet my need date.

These are the ones that I’m currently using. They’re indestructible but some props are not as balanced as others which result in some crazy A$$ flying.

FWIW, I can honestly state that these are the world’s worst props for Nanos - 0 (zero) lift Save your money.


So outdoor flight performance was unimpressive on the e010s fc. No more power loops… poor recovery from dives. I’ve cursed this fc before as having a lack of power but always assumed it still had to be my perception or the motors I had it on. So I bolted the e011 fc to the bottom of the frame and wow! Full speed is back, powerloops are back. That e010s fc is just junk. Figuring out why can be another project for another day. Lol

Also, looking good @JBFPV! Youll have a smaller footprint than I will without having to make room for a canopy on top. What are u going to print with?


That’s one of the advantages of downward facing motors, don’t need to worry about props hitting the camera. Going to print in ABS, just need to swap out the PLA that is currently in my printer.


Lmfao, geez those look shockingly simular to the cgo23/x9 props. This is the really confusing part of 6mm non whoop building - dealing with what the heck our suppliers are really giving us. Now I’m second guessing myself on the x9/cg023 prop.
Maybe I need to start with prop testing so I have a subjective data point to base my duct dimensions on. Time to print out a non ducted 6mm frame and start prop testing.


Funny thing is that I have 10 useless sets of these props. Should be Blade nQx clones… They are well made and unlike their 65mm Gemfan brethren, they fit real snug - the problem is that they have no pitch…not even enough to fan yourself - hahaha

Not worth the shipping cost and carbon units


Well I sat down to design today and just couldnt bring myself to up the footprint big enough to swing cg023/x9 props. Im gonna finish a design for the paper airplane props at 46mm first


So here is my ultralight frame for testing 6mm props. I’m gonna have to get a feel for nqx, paper airplane, x9/cgo23 and see which one I need to design ducts around. This one comes in around 2g and should be off the printer in the am and ready for a build up. Ive been trashing alot of motors lately - some stock e010 are gonna have to go in this just to get in the air while I wait on the 19600kv. :wink:

I will smack some fpv gear on this to share video if line of sight turns out impressive first.


I think you might need a + in the center to join the frame together, to add a little bit of stiffness to the frame. I’m afraid it will be too flexible / flimsy like this.


I considered that but feel it’s redundant to the fc being bolted down as structural component. The canopy will also provide some reinforcement. I am guessing that’s enough but will certainly pay attention to this concern.


Well I can report the frame is durable enough but all my motors are junk now. It seems the bigger props put alot more strain on the bushings/balance and no matter what set of used motors I swapped in … I constantly had motor vibration problems. Temps are also ballistic. But so is speed. Fastest by far on the cgo23 props before I lost one. So… this project gets paused while I wait on mew stuff to arrive.

Did I mention speeds were ballistic. What’s funny is that speeds were also ballistic on tiny whoop 2 blade props too and I honestly had so much equipment problems that a fair comparison cannot be made. More to come later…


20pcs of the 18 kv boldclash motors ordered on ebay for 21$ with US shipping, 3 sets of x9/cg023 props ordered from gearbest for 3$ and China shipping, and I’ll have to grab some of those paper airplane props too.

Too be continued…


I think I’m on to something here, frame came out perfect. Fit on the first try, feels strong enough, nice and flexible but not too much. Just took it for a quick LOS test and first impressions are nice! Really quiet and stable, and the landing feet make it really look like a hybrid NQX / whoop in the air. Thrust is pretty good, bit slow on the response.

One problem is how am I gonna mount the battery as there is no room underneath. But I came up with something already! More to come soon! Thanks for this idea Travis I’m liking it already! :relaxed:


That looks awesome! Great job! ! I’ve got a little bit of a wait to join back in so I’m gonna get all my frames prepped up and fc’s flashed and ready. I’m gonna do 3 versions… the ultralight, a ducted version for 46 mm, and a ducted version for 50mm ( or whatever the x9 props are.)

When you say slow to respond … describe that more. I can’t remember which configuration it was but there was one I tested that didn’t seem punchy at first but built up speed to blazing fast. Is that what you mean or are you talking about handling?


Yeah I mean the throttle is a bit slow to respond but it will definitely be fast on the longer part of the ‘track’.
Just added FPV, not like I initially planned but it works and this way the camera mount can be integrated into the frame.

It flies OK apart from being an F1 board and needs tuning. Also I found the small bumpers instead of real ducts often cause it to tip over when you bump into an obstacle, and it sucks itself to the wall if you catch my drift.


4 grams total? daaaaaaamn


I so want this frame! Great job!


@yets - I don’t trust my scale that much but I’d guess it’s between 4 and 5g without motors.

@chime13 - I know you love the light stuff. Keep me posted on when you’re available in the states and I’ll get one to ya. But we may want to wait till I can do a little more testing to get any design flaws worked out :wink: I’m considering doing a fully enclosed motor mount so I stop popping caps like microwave popcorn. Lol

Did I mention I’m popping caps… just popped 2 more. Now this is mostly happening with whoop props cause they don’t push all the way down like the bigger blades do … I really need to just sidebar this is project till the right stuff comes in.


I popped 3 on 1 crash today - I’m down to 3 builds because, I ran out of motors, 65mm props, and grommets.
And Whats up with these cameras slowing going out of focus over time? I have 3 cameras with 20/40 vision and one that I call “See Spot Fly”…
If only they’d sell these cameras without gluing the lens so I can focus at the field…


I think the reason of unfocussing is caused by movement of the whole lens housing due to impacts at crashes. Even if the housing is glued to PCB/sensor it seems a good idea to reinforce it with epoxy or the like to prevent this.
Also I had success in removing the glue around the lens by carefully heating it up and scrape it away with an exacto knife.


Agreed - Still, I’d pay extra just to buy AIOs that are not glued down. Being a former imaging specialist in the medical field makes me cringe every time I look through any of these fuzzy cameras - AAARGH! - hahaha