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Nano qx bulk props?


Hi guys, I can’t stand how much money horizon hobby charges for stock nano qx props. I revived my nano qx from sitting for 4 years with new MMW (sorry didn’t get from benedict, got off ebay) CL-0615-14’s, new 45c rated batteries and a new airframe.

Been rocketing around trying to get used to the acro mode, but I keep bending and breaking props.

Any advice on super cheap ccw, and cw bulk order props that will work on cl-0615-14’s with 0.8mm shafts? I think the props are about 50mm long. I’m really interested in getting an inductrix base model and converting it into a tiny whoop FPV soon.

Any help would be appreciated:)



Imho, idntry to get some other props that have the same shaft size. Banggood has decent ones, and most hobby shops


I was in the same boat. I still fly my NQX’s and NQX FPV’s all the time. Actually, my kids do most of the NQX flying these days, but we definitely go through props pretty fast. I was lucky, and found a local hobby shop that was liquidating their inventory and they had a ton of NQX props. I bought about 30 sets of CW and CCW props for a good price. I still have over 20 sets. I could be persuaded to part with a few sets for a reasonable price, if you’re still looking for some. The only thing is, they are all green. That’s the only color I have. But they are all brand new, in Blade packaging.

There are some alternatives out there. Before I scored the OEM Blade NQX props, I was using HM830 Paper Plane props. They’re available online. They work pretty well. Just a little less efficient, I think, than the Blade NQX props.


Yeah I think the hm830 are your best bet. But I would highly recommend a whoop, there is a reason for the focus on whoops nowadays. More power, fly better, break less. 716 whoop with Silverware is hard to beat even by bigger brushed micros above it’s class. I just love this setup, it flies amazing, it’s cheap, and I can’t even remember the last time I broke something.


Yeah, I’m really thinking of getting an inductrix FPV but I wanna buy it all at once FPV equipment wise, gonna be pricey

Only 6mm Motors tho