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My whoop batteries are dead, right?


I think I know the answer to this question, but: I finally broke down and got a Hitec x4 charger, and it’s the single best purchase I’ve made in this hobby–I fly so much more now that I can quickly and accurately charge my 1S lipos. However, around half of my lipos–including some nicer ones with only a few cycles in them–only last 10-15 seconds of flight time. When I plug them in, they’re still at 4.18 or something close to it. Is it the connector? Did I damage them with my stupid USB charging?

A couple of my brand-new batteries that I’ve only carefully charged get 2 minutes or so, but that’s the absolute limit. It’s mildly infuriating.

I’m tempted to just toss all 12+ lipos and get a set of the JST 2.0 ones.


That sounds more like your whoop’s battery connector is toasted.
If the batteries are still at 4.18v it’s not their fault, something else between battery and motor is going south.
You can replace the connectors on your current batteries too.


The connector on that charger uses a slightly different pitch pin I think, it will have stretched the female pin on the batteries.

You could try to press the metal female pin on the battery in gently with a little(tiny) screw driver or something, just enough to make the connection tight again with the lead on your fc.

Then I would suggest making or getting some little leads to go from the charger to your packs, making sure the end for the cells is a genuine 1.25mm pitch micro jst.


Exactly what @JG101 said, see this:

Don’t toss away your batteries, convert them to PH2.0. It’s a bit tedious at first but well worth it.
The 1.25 connector wears out really fast and I found myself replacing the connector very often. You can get an upgrade kit on mylipo.de or get a big pack of cheap connectors on BG/eBay.


How to:


I’m curious on the outcome of this cause I’ve got a pile of batteries that do the exact same thing. Still show mostly charged but only fly like 30 sec in my faster whoop builds. However if I put them in a stock e011 - they go closer to full time. I think in my case it is just extreme voltage sag on high demand setups and an indication my batteries are junk. …but I’ll keep an open mind to the connector thing. Mine are ph2.0 and have only ever been charged on the correct connector.


Some of the cheaper connectors have rubbish pins/plating, and it seems to oxidize or burn perhaps, and then it gets high resistance, this is another cause. But I believe number one culprit is poor connection.

We usually run the shortest leads from our FC possible, that bit of tension to a side or up/down on these little connectors will over time for sure widen the female pin (sorry ladies) make it loose. This leads to less contact, higher resistance, more heat, more deterioration of the pin, less conductivity, and back to step 2 higher resistance lol…

But some batteries are also junk @NotFastEnuf lol…

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Tattu 220mAh Battery for tiny whoop.