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My 'Urchin' goes up on the hoist for repairs, again


As a stock frame Inductrix, it’s skittish in even the lightest of breezes, making this learning process even more ‘enjoyable’.

The crash landings have taken a toll on the flimsy frame, and now it becomes a weekly occurrence to glue one of the motor braces in position to get airborne again. (I make preparations to transplant the wee brain into a new suitable host in the near future once all decisions are finalized.)

The process involves sanding off the old dried CA smooth and reattaching it once again with glue. A temporarymeasure, yet keeps the Urchin flying another few days!

One day soon I hope to have a shiny new body and fresh motors, but as for now we await the glue to dry and the lipos to charge! :grin:

A good day to you all here on my first official post of what I hope will be many, hope it is in proper format and place!



Welcome! Constant repairs is the bane of the game. Well done. Also dig the picture of the beard crash hahaha

EDIT: I meant to type “name” of the game and autocorrect changed it. Coincidence? Maybe :smile:

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I went through 2 Inductrix frames and countless repairs to each before giving up on it. The Inductrix is a fun little machine, but not very durable. I liked it outside at night and was fun indoors, but needs to be stronger. One way I started repairing that worked well. I took a dental pick and heated the tip with my butane torch and used the hot tip to plastic weld (melt the plastic) it back together.

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