My tiny whoop doesn't get on

Hello, i’ve got a tiny woop and doesn’t start. Its a Redpawz r011 and when i plug the battery, the led just switch from on and off and there is no beep anymore.So the controller do not bind anymore. Can someone help me

Lesson learned I just looked up the r011. Look first than advise lolz.
Is it silverized? Or running stock firmware?
Do you have another lipo to try?
I have a few lipos that wig out my fpv and everything is a redish color in goggles.
Have you changed anything in your tx?
My multiprotocol will force me to create a new channel every once and awhile. It’s just quits connecting to the Drone drove me crazy for months bought a whole new multi protocol. Still the problem persisted . So I tried creating a new channel and that worked .
Or are you using the stock controller?

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Thank you for your answer,
Yes i’ve got four other lipo’s and it doesn’t work with them, i dont think there is a firmware because there is no plug to connect it to a computer and i didn’t changed anything in my tx.
Is there another possibility of mistake.

Do you have an st link I see 2 pads marked d and c, maybe clock and dat pads.
Need pics of the board both sides this time. Pull the antenna wire up for the bottom side pic.

Here are more pictures

Dude, that is not e011 but e013, I have one of those. It can’t be flashed unfortunately, neither it can be used with multi protocol module due to exotic protocol.
If you want to use it though (you can only do that with the controller it cane with) you should check the crystal on the board or in the controller. I had the same issue, solved it by changing the crystal I salvaged from an old “bean” controller

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Thanks, but were is the cristal on the electronic board and how can i change it?

The quartz crystal is the barrel-like component near the antenna, it has two terminals that are not polar, you can solder it either way. It’s a cheap thing you can buy it for less that a dollar, but it’s possible to find it in toy remote controllers as well for free

Oh yeah ive got some of those, are you sure that this is the problem. I wil try

Well, I’m not “sure” of course, but that’s the common problem with these type of crystals - if it’s broken the board blinks and does not bind, had this issue several times on my e011 and 013. It could be as well a tiny invisible crack in the pcb for instance, or a bad cpu, but in these cases there’s not much you can actually do.

I’ve had a better glance of the photos, and it seems there’s some kind of solder blob or just some dirt on the back side of the board exactly where the crystal terminals are, maybe it only requires a little cleaning and a touch of fresh solder to make it work

Oh no this is just glue and and its not conductive.
I tried to desolder and solder a new crystal and it didn’t work.
What i know is that the problem is in the card and not on the signal components because when i plug the battery the led is blinking on a strange way not the usually way.
I tried to short circuted some resistors and the led just became red without blinking when i was doing it with one. Sorry for my english

This are the resistors