My Kinda light 2" brushless build


Hi Guys

My new batteries finally arrived today and my lightish 2" build is complete! Weight below is with 2s but is 3s capable. I have a few props to muck around with but will start with the gemfans. My goal on this one is flight time primarily.

Uses the x2 eyas frame
f3 Omnibus FC
10Ax4 ESC
FS82 receiver (going to replace with rx2a pro)
racerstar BR1103 8000kv
Nanotech 2s 300mah 65c batteries
Gemfan 2035 / KK 1935 / racerstar 2/3 blade

More details here too:


Looks awesome!

Let us know how it flies!


Thanks it is flying great!

The little 2s 300mah is giving me 3-4 minutes of flight. I tried it on 3s yesterday and it is fast but prefer the light handling of the 2s. Like with the whoops I think trimming weight is so critical to flight in the little quads.

I’ll be doing a minor rebuild with update to BF 3.2.0 to take maybe 2 more grams out. Cool little frame but it is tight!


Quick question. I noticed that the brushless motors you chose do no have screw shafts. How do the props stay on? Is it like the tiny whoop, a press fit?


Yes, just a press fit. I use a 1.45mm drill bit to make sure the hole is not too tight before I put them on. I’ve not had a prop come off yet including on 3s

For my motors with screw shaft I drill them out to 1.5mm to get them to go on easier.


That sounds dangerous lol.

But, I don’t think there are any brushless motors for micro builds that don’t have press fit props?


Most motors in the 11xx series actually use 2 screws either side of the shaft. The 1st generation BR1103 racerstars are fairly unique in that they are only press fit. I do prefer the screw fit since I dont have to push so hard on the prop but no screw on the BR1103 means less bell area on the motor - less rotational weight.

But overlying all of this is the fact they are cheap and work well :sunglasses:


Do the screws go into the motor shaft or motor in some way? Or are they just used to increase the press fit?


They go into the top of the motor, almost all the 110x motors have two or four threaded holes on top.
Screw length is important, most props need M2x7mm, which is hard to find. Some use M2x6mm which is easy, or M2x8mm which is easy.


This drill bit work very good for me