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My Freestyle has NO STYLE


That’s exactly how I ended up wedged in that pine tree bush on Saturday!


That’s what I love about the E011 builds…it’s JUST powerful enough to push the limit…but you gotta have your shit high and tight to really make it shine. It’s the same reason I fly my Torrent on 2s…once you go 3s it’s just really easy to be sloppy and power out of things. Flying 2s on my Torrent makes me better at 3s, and flying the E011 benefits from my 2s flying AND the E011 makes it all SMOOOV.

I keep thinking I might outgrow the E011, but then I’ll go back to it and just have some Whoopin’ Fun. :smiley:


Fun / training flight of the day:


Nice!! That’s a good training session. I’d have to edit the Dickenson out of the 8 packs I flew today to fill 2 min and make it look like I was practicing anything. I’m calling today a warm up, since I’ve gotten little stick time this week due to … well life with kids. Lol. But a weekend is frsh on the horizon … I’ll try to post some one clip rips of practice tomorrow.


@Bobnova. OK I didn’t get any stick time till Sunday evening … but as promised here is an edit of the packs I got in for practice. Constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated!


Looking pretty good! The yaw panning as you go past especially.


@NotFastEnuf I like how you’ve planned out which tricks you’re going to learn. I’ve been practicing this trick. To execute it, give equal yaw and roll in opposite directions. Both sticks in towards each other or away from each other.


I love that trick. It’s high on my list of things I want to learn. I use a lot of up tilt so I I haven’t quite figured out the right amount of each stick to input … but you’ve nailed that one. Hope I get it too soon! Here was a session on a little faster craft than the babyhawk where I tried to apply some of the stuff I practiced that day. I honestly feel like editing is harder than flying.


Editing is tedious unless it is your thing, flying is fun, and watching you fly is fun too


Thanks dude! I actually like the editing part too … but I’m such a noob to video production and I’m not very good at it yet. It’s just like anything else
… it takes lots of practice i guess.


The more tedious thing of editing is reviewing all the footage to select the best parts, but in the case of your own dvr footage you do it happily. Oh, and exporting and uploading the video, that’s tedious too. Oh, and adding titles, that’s also tedious… Lots of tedious things, but it’s worth it :smile:


Wow, love those split S and power loops under the shrubs so close to the ground! Awesome moves.


Thanks man, those were both developments of this thread. Next up is your reverse split s, and a matty front flip over and back around again on something. Thanks for the encouragement! !


Matty front flip will be killer. I just realized that the reverse split S move puts you in the position to continue flying backwards. Just have to have something to look up at to guide you where you’re going. But definitely need to practice in the simulator first though!


Yeah I’ve been intrigued by flying backwards too lately … really takes some muscle memory on your craft and a good memory of your flging space I imagine to crest the learning curve. But it should be something that could become comfortable with practice … just like learning acro again.


So I tried my first few reverse split s this evening. Camera was blacking out at dusk due to typical aio poor light handling so there wasn’t much to see till I made it all the way around … and I probably lost 15 ft of altitude in the move bit I didn’t crash. :wink:
Still need to practice mixing yaw in with it … but at least I popped the cherry.


Nice! Can’t wait to see some video.