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My Freestyle has NO STYLE


OK so I’m reaching out to you guys again for inspiration, accountability, motivation… and maybe some group participation if you’re into this.

My Rant:
So I feel like my flying has regressed lately … become very “vanilla”. I’m putting in the stick time and getting worse (sort of). Now how does that make sense you ask… well I feel it’s because when I was improving was when I only had one craft to seriously fly outdoors - my 8.5mm brushed. Now I have multiple brushed and brushless rigs to choose from and I divide up my stick time between them. I have had no focus, no goals, no organization - BUT I have had a lot of fun. So I can’t really complain but I’m at a point where I feel lile improving my freestyle would be fun and I think I have a plan.

The Plan:
So I’m going to place all the freestyle moves into a few categories (5 so far right now) and I’m going to pick one category at a time and master it on everything I own (whoops, brushed, & brushless) Hopefully with enough repetition and focus I will develop not just the ability to perform the maneuvers but some style of my own too.

The Tricks:

  1. “THE RUBBER NECK” - This will be any sort of proximity fly by done on an obstacle where some sort of spin is performed to keep it in frame as its passed.
  2. “THE HANGTIME” - Just as it sounds… anything that involves an extended freefall.
  3. “THE HALLWAY” - Close proximity fast and low flight where the appearance of ripping down a hallway makes it look really fast.
  4. “THE CARVE” - The ability to cruise around in a more open space with more gentle flow to turns and direction changes.
  5. “MATTY GUANO” - This I’m saving for last … totally insane maneuvers that involve flying backwards with high up tilt - generally anything that makes you go - how is that even possible - when you see it.

So there it is … I’m gonna start with the rubber neck. For the next however long it takes - I am just going to rubberneck every obstacle in my flying space in any way I can think of. I will mash up some clips to post here on my progress - and maybe with this being my primary focus … I will be able to rubber neck with style.


It’s happened to me too. Unfortunately, I find I spend more time tweaking and testing and less time honing my skills. I thought by limiting the number of quads in my bag down to 2, a 6mm and 8.5mm, I might focus better - but…I find my quad building skills far outweigh my flying skills - hahaha
Plus - I can’t find anyone else in this town with a quad to fly along/challange or even learn from.
I could use that someone that will say - ok, to do this stunt, you need to do this - or, no wonder you’re having trouble - you need to tweak (this parameter) - you got it all wrong.

Oh well, dreaming is for free (style)…


We challenge each other, @chime13
The last one we had I think it was @JBFPV that Had the best timed laps.
We started another somewhere but it’s still a work in progress w maybe a modified UTT track.

I’ve joined a flying club w a few guys w quads, larger high dollar BL quads, but alas, no micro flying buddies.

@NotFastEnuf, we will help you be accountable :raising_hand_man:

Personally, my wooded corse skills are getting better, times are getting faster, carnage at a minimum. Props mostly now. I’ve had my frankenbee frame last and last to insane abuse.

Let’s see some rubber necking!


I don’t know if there is a better repository for tricks, but just like skating, I like the idea of practicing flips for a session, then other kinds from there. Here’s the DRL trick list…

I’ve been spending the last two weeks working on “hucking” and “inverted” :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve seen that before but forgot it existed. Thanks for linking it. There will be some good inspiration there I’m sure for different ways to rubberneck stuff. I’ll try to document session 1 on each of my primary quad categories and post a starting point video by the end of this weekend. No editing tricks - if it’s ugly or I bust - it all goes in for reference.


I have not found a good resource for all the different tricks…I wish there was a list other than combing through YouTube.


You win!

“Timed Laps?” You must be jesting! - hahaha
I can’t fly a same line twice in a week…


Yeah, I wouldn’t remember all the names anyway. That’s why I’m making up general categories instead that accomplish similar imagery.


Fun thread, @NotFastEnuf! There’s nothing like discipline, structure, and practice, practice, practice. :smiley:

@PJC: We used to have a dedicated thread over on RCG, with links to YT videos. Many of the WarpSquad pilots contributed. I also remember a dedicated website or blog, but the content was hit or miss. This was all for LOS acro.

For LOS flying, it also makes sense to refer to full-scale and RC aerobatic competition. Things like an Immelmann or Cuban Eight are standard maneuvers that have been established for ages.


I’m working on the hangtime and the rubber neck. Also on smooth corrections and ends to maneuvers, I tend to be jerky about it and I want to get that fast-paced with-slow-smooth-ending thing worked out.

To that end I was doing just now and had a wonderful fast forward to still fast in the same direction upside down backwards flight thing going, but had a minor issue.

Minor issue: ran out of yard and hit the huge pine tree.

Camera cut out after bounce three headed in along a branch (was going fast, upside down, backward, after all), and didn’t come back after walking around behind the metal hanger.
Much to my delight the battery stayed in, and my setting the blheli_s ESCs to a 2 minute beep kicked in while I was back there.
It came down out of the tree!

Nobody home on the video feed because it ripped the camera’s +5v wire off the FC.
Nobody home on the RX because it ripped that +5v wire off too.
(EDIT: Snapped antenna feed wire between the base of the cloverleaf and the top of the cloverleaf too, that’s a new one on me)

It was a wonderful upside down cruise while it lasted though.

How’s your learning going?


That’s a brutal amount of carnage… would really love to see that hang time that lead to the disaster. I’ve decided to focus on the baby hawk first. It’s the most predictable machine I’ve got and has the power to bail out of a mistake. I had a few glimmers of style in a flight Thursday night. I’m out of town for the weekend and although brought stuff to fly … totally lost focus in a new setting. That will be the final step for me I think - applying what I’ve learned to new locals. I’ve been saving my video and will do a progression improvement mix when I feel I’ve consistently broken through the first barrier on rubbernecks. There is unmistakable improvement and the practice has been good for me… maybe improvement will turn into style eventually. Lol. But I’ll at least take the improvement!


Here ya go:

Couple of powerloops, some corners, then hang time.
It’s essentially back together now, solder wise anyway. Hot glue in the morning, then more flying!


That’s awesome! I love the entry into that maneuver and the intended half roll to exit looked really cool too. I will definitely attempt to add that one to my bag of tricks. If timed right and performed low - it would be a cool way to change direction at an obstacle. I’m visiting my brother to give him his 8.5mm today and forgot to bring another fc to plug the spektrum sat into for binding. For whatever reason, the fc in his will not take bind codes so I can’t get it bound to his transmitter. The end result will be - I have to let him borrow my scisky 8.5mm (OH NO!!!) cause I don’t want to leave him empty handed.


How’s your freestyle style doing?


Not terrible … occasionally I surprise myself now with more attractive transitions into and out of a motion. Split s is coming along, and the rubber neck move (fly past at speed - quick look back while gloating forward - quick turn around before gravity wins) is pretty consistent. We’re it not for mechanical failures in a new build I could make a video to showcase this week. Maybe it will be easy to fix the desync in my 3" and I can get back to video editing. :grinning: How about you? Any practice or desire to pay attention to editing to showcase lately? I know you were looking into resolve.

Edit: I’ve also noticed I’m breaking more stuff lately - which had to be a good sign. That usually precedes breaking through a plateau in skill level.


I need to fly more…but that said, I’m the kind of person who likes to push, push, push! I’m the dolt that goes to the back for most challenging puzzles first. Seeing videos from so many different people inspires me to try as much as possible! I hope to have something put together in the coming weeks…hopefully…

Keep truckin’ guys!!!


I just went back and read my 1st post for perspective and focus in this process again … realized I have completely ignored the whoop. I’ve been flying 2 and 3 inch mostly cause they have the power to bail out if need be. I think transitioning some of these moves to the whoop will be the ultimate accomplishment. The e011 on mmw 7’s has the power to do this stuff … but not enough to spare to afford any room for error. Also the duration of each manuver will be much shorter on a whoop requiring even more stick precision. It’s getting close to time to break out the whoop and try to push it into some more serious acro!


That’s the same in every discipline. Know and master the gear you already have. More expensive or more quality gear just makes things easier. I guess that we can still consider a tuned tiny whoop as cheap…

I found great videos on youtube of people turning the tiny whoop into a freestyle aircraft. As you said, the amount of power is very limited, so you have to take advantage of every tiny drop of energy and train your fingers to make perfect movements

Everytime i watch the tiny whoop videos from JBFPV my jaw drops with those fast, tight and perfect maneuvers he does.

So… To be the ultimate pilot, you must master the mighty whoop!! Cant wait to see your progress with that awesome machine!!


I’ve been able to do dodgy powerloops in my garage with the 11whoop, definitely took some practice!

My freestyle is improving, I’m getting smoother at doing the go-around/over-stuff-keeping-the-camera-on-it routine. Also hitting the end points of quick rolls/flips more accurately, which is nice.


Completely off topic, but just for fun I sort of picked out a racetrack using the front flying space and tried to push hard through intended targets instead of just pushing hard and feeling the flow… it’s much much harder to fly fast on a predefined course than it is to just fly fast and opportunistic about where the flow takes you. This could be my part 2 to this thread eventually. Clearly I have found another weakness in my skill set.