My first Micro FPV quad - Tiny whoop 7x16

Hi guys,

Just wanted to share my experience building my first Micro.

Been flying 5" FPV quads for a couple of years and was looking to get something easier to fly indoors or around the house. For those days that you just want to plug a battery, put on the goggles and fly, something harmless and nimble. No travelling no backpack , no fuss.

This is my Whoop. 33grams AUW. Maybe a bit heavy, but I always go for reliability vs lightweight.

It is the Tiny whoop 7x16 Whoop Kit with 255mah batteries from MMW .

After building it have to say that it was quite an challenge to deal with parts at are so tiny and fragile! Also the way the motors are installed is quite different to the brushless quads

Flies like a dream on Betaflight 3.2.2. All filters turned off, Airmode on and motor_stop disabled. Will be posting in the BF forum my config if anyone wants to have a look and discuss. I’m familiar with what works well on BF on 5 inch quads and I’m trying to apply this to the brushed world.

Happy customer here. You can tell by the way the kit is setup and the suggested build process that this is the outcome of many trials.

Also, Dr chief scientist @Benedikt was so patient and helpful answering all my questions and putting a kit together for me. His customer service is unparalleled in this industry. Nice to find a local supplier with those high standards. Would definitely recommend :clap:


Glad you like it! The 7x16 whoop is by far my favorite and most flown quad. The convenience and fun of chasing my pets and girlfriend around the house makes it an easy choice when deciding which quad to fly. Welcome to the community!

I’m glad you are having fun Luis :slight_smile:
Thanks for this post, much appreciated!