MultiWii Conf stopped working in OS X High Sierra 10.13

when I updated my Mac OS to 10.13 (High Sierra) my MultiWii Conf stopped working. It launches, but the window is totally white (empty). I’ve tried reinstalling it. I’ve updated Java. I’ve rebooted. So yeah, done all the basic trouble shooting things.

Has anyone else had this problem and been able to solve it?

Does anyone have a suggestion?

I’m dead in the water until I get a fix. Thanks!

I’m still on Low Sierra because I’m afraid my stuff being messed up again…
I suggest to update to 10.13.1 and then reset the NVRAM if it still doesn’t work.

I’m holding off high Sierra for now until various softwares are working with it. Thanks for notifying us, not sure that’ll help your cause though. There should be a service update to the os very soon, Apple tend to do that to cover the usual incompatibilities that occur.

I bet they added some more security/device/app signature/certification crap again…

Thanks for the suggestion, Benedikt. I’m on 10.13.1 and I tried reseting the NVRAM and I did a SMC rest, but the problem persists. I’ve seen others have the same problem in other OS versions on PCs, but not on previous versions of the Mac OS. It’s worked flawlessly for me on 2 or 3 previous Mac OS versions. Given the nature of the 10.13 updated I’m not surprised by this. I’m just hopeful someone will figure out what needs to be done to get Multiwii Conf back up and running. I have a couple other Macs in the house that I can set up with an older OS as a fall back, but I’m still dead in the field. Anyways, I’ll keep my eyes here and elsewhere, and if I find a solution I’ll update here.

I also tried to boot in safe mode, then boot back in normal mode. Problem persists.

The new version of Mac OS doesn’t support javascript 6 who is needed for Multiwii Conf. This could be the reason of the problem. If that is the reason I don’t think that it’s possible to do anything. To fix the problem a new version of Multiwii could be necessary. I have the same problem and I hope it will be possible to use Multiwii again.

Thanks, Leo, for discovering this. I feared it was something along those lines. We, I do have an older laptop with an older OS, so I can fall back on that. And it’s not like MultiWii needs CPU horsepower to run well! I considered a boot camp or VM option

I have been plagued by this problem for a long time.
Today I found a solution. I have used an El Capitan installation with Processing 2.2.1 and ControlP5 2.0.4 and a current version of Java to recompile MultiWiiConf 2.4 from source.
The result runs on my Mojave desktop:

For anyone else who wants to configure MultiWii boards with MacOS later than El Capitan, I have shared the recompiled version here:


MultiWii lovers unite. The QuadFather to the rescue :alien:

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Thank you! I can ditch that ancient mac now. :wink:

Do we need to load a particular font?

You mean because it looks a little dodgy?
I have the feeling that this should have been addressed on my compiler machine.
When it comes to coding and tool chains etc., Im an educated fool with a lot of willpower and google-fu, but limited sense for beauty, so I called it done when it worked.

Speaking of. Does this version work for you on the latest MacOS?

btw, welcome back dude!

It’s been a while since we’ve seen pksteffen — their last post was > 2y ago.


Yes, those fonts are wacky now. :slight_smile:
It does work! Mac OS 10.14.6. Thank you!!
I am glad to be back. Just been lurking around :wink:

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