Moving PnP camera to direct solder board

I am wanting to move the old osd camera from my QX105 to the board of the QX90 and I need some help with where I need to solder which wires to.

Black to ground, red to b+/5v, the other two to each other.

Assuming the qx90 FC doesn’t have osd.

Unfortunately, it does not. SO the orange pile to the tx1?

No. When there is no osd on the FC, you can only connect red and black to the board. Then connect the blue and orange wires with each other. This may seem confusing but this is the wire the video goes though.

On a normal cam + vtx without osd, the video simply goes from camera to vtx. To add osd, they put the FC in between camera and vtx. So cam - FC vidin - FC adds osd - vidout - vtx. But you can only do that if there is osd on the FC.