Motor spin with power applied scisky

when ever I plug in my scisky a constant 4.1v comes out of motor port s3 or motor 3 in CF and won’t increase or decrease throttle so it won’t fly I was thinking a fet but I am not sure I already bought a new board but I really would like to fix this board here is a pic plz tell me which part is broken if you know thanks!

FET is F*cked.

The FET for motor 3 is the 3 legged black rectangle in the lower left corner of the board.

how can you tell?

by the symptoms.

cool should be easy to fix then right?

can’t find mosfet B12N

That’s just a lot code. Read this thread and you will learn all you need to know about replacing this FET:

thanks will do

I have a new scisky v1.2 now and now motors won’t spin at all