Motor fix: Groped to recover broken Motors

Hello to all, as you can only order the lower motor plugs? With the amount of broken engine due to problems with the cable or break the brushes could fly recuperassi weeks if only 50 percent of them. Thank you.

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Best way for motor cap safety: protect caps and wires with shrink tube (or thread protectors), drill your props.

Ok it’s for protect it. I wanna recover after damage. Do you know?

Maybe the only way to get those caps will be to get in contact with manufacturer. Or use some from old dead or worn motors.
Consensus of above linked thread is that it’s a hassle to replace those caps, and results are mostly not as good. Maybe ask @Benedikt.
I also managed to reasset a cap, but only maybe 2 times out of 8-10 tries.
Saw your vid where you did it with success.

So best way is to properly protect your motors to prevent damage.

I have repaired a motor by putting a brush from another in its cap. It was not worth the time and messing about. It was hard to solder to the brushes without melting them and the cap. It’s hard to install the cap with the brushes fully intact and not bunched up. 9/10 a repaired motor will be rough, high amp draw, or just burn out(and possibly take the fc fets with it).

I don’t do it anymore. It would be nice, but without brand new caps, not worth it.

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I spent all day today repair the motor I broke on a brand new build…

After a couple flights I decided it would be a great a idea to try a different set of props see how she flies, but in attempting to do so the bottom cap just fell right out. I have tried removing these caps before and even taking them off is a pain an requires all my strength… this one just popped right off?!

Trying to put it back on is painstaking and after attempting for 3 hours ripping out the cable replacing it loosing the brush hairs, finding them, bending them, fixing that, forcing cap on messing it all up. I figure its usually not worth it but buying a new set is painful :frowning::sleepy:

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@bustaphoto Exactly how I felt.

A tip for putting them on, start at an angle to slide the shaft between the brushes with the shaft pushed out as far as possible. Then once that is in place, straighten the cap to parallel with the can, and apply totally even force to press it home. Just pressing it on will always crush some or all the brushes under the shaft, where they actually reach each other and short.

I only do this on the occasion I decap a brand new motor now, its such a pain.

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I’ve taken to epoxying the bottom of my cheap motors. Expensive ones don’t go on open bottom frames full stop! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Now there is a head on your shoulders! Some of these (fast) and (insane) motors can get pretty pricey and breaking them on open builds is totally a bummer.

Just had another motor go when my friend’s X4 flew into my dreamcatcher at like Mach10, I was able to prevent a crash landing but the motor would barley spin after impact :frowning: such a sad thing.

If someone where to grant me super powers today I think I would ask to fix brushed motors with the touch of my finger… and they would also turn to dark editions too :joy:

I have tried epoxy and all sorts to secure the bases. The problem is once you secure it really well…next crash you simply break the motor shaft off or bend it.

Crashes wreck stuff, be it a car crash or quad, So I have learned to be a bit zen about it, make sure that I align the motors corpses nicely for burial, lay a wreath, and move on lol.

I agree.

I know when I am building a quad its destruction is a matter of when not if. And the “better” the resulting quad is, the sooner I’ll destroy it. It’s the one that will get flown the most. The only old quad I have is the one I don’t like.

Build accordingly.

There isn’t much difference in the power trains of quads. 4 sizes. FlightControlers…meh. Not much difference them in 1S land everyone is using CF/BF.

The only real differentiator is the frame.

So when I wreck, I’d rather break a frame… :).

They are cheap and it’s where there is room to innovate.

I like trying new frames.

It’s also why I hot glue damn near everything (except motor botoms on MMW motors). It’s easily reversable, allowing easy transplantation.

FML 4 new MMW motors on saturday, one of them had something strange happen after three packs… I had never seen it before like a brass ring came out onto the spindle. While inspecting that I dropped the quad and one of the motor caps half popped off :scream: Soooooo I gently massaged it back in and it worked… I flew!!!

After letting it rest a completely different motor is stuck unrelated to the other two FML… how was your guys’s weekend?

@bustaphoto That I haven’t done to yet. Bent or broken the shafts, but not popped the bushing out, they are usually even hard to remove on purpose.

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I get stuck/stiff motors (prefer over popped caps) try this with small needle nose:


I’ve seen this kinda thing on YouTube but seemed like wichery never really worked on the other motors I’ve tried" but those motors where probably really shot! This one just seems strange I’m a give it a shot @MasterRC_sTudenT

@bustaphoto Works like a charm for me, but then I don’t mind a little voodoo…

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OMG you are a @MasterRC_sTudenT you gave me the inspiration to try again and bam! It’s SPINNING!!! There SPINNING!!! :joy:

Now I only have 1/2 a broken motor lol


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