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Mosfet problem on Betafpv LITE



Mosfets keep burning on M1

Got couple of betafpv lite fc flashed with silverware which i did a lot of test with . Got one clean freshly flashed with Silverware NFE , im facing a annoying issue . Ive been changing a FETs 3x times in a row on MOTOR 1 . Using Boldclash 7x16 19000kv and tried Boss 7 with 7x20 and problem still remain . What would cause this problem . Hopefully someone can help me out to find the reason .




Can you get us a good close up pic of the top of the board, just like the one above but your fc.
Edit, both sides.


Typically I’ve only burnt a MOSFET when the motor wires were crossed. Once I crashed a Mambo with MMW 8.5mm Insanes into my roof and it ejected the motor from the frame while still spinning the props. This caused the wires to twist together so violently the insulation broke and both wires joined. The MOSFET was reduced to white powder and even the PCB traces and fiberglass were ruined. Perhaps a severely damaged motor could also draw lots of amps and kill a MOSFET?


Quick check, set a multimeter to continuity, so it beeps when you touch the probes together. Check for continuity between the pins in the socket your having trouble with, if it beeps there’s a short.


Thanks i will do it and comeback with some result .

Thanks everyone for all your answers


I’ve had one of three BetaFPV lite boards that just won’t run right…every setup it gets the shakes in acro and angle…thought it was my tune or my quad, but swapped out with another Lite FC and it’s fine…it’s being a donor board now. :slight_smile:


Fixed !