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More Punch with Less Volts


OK, lets see where this goes.

When I bought my 65 Pro with the idea of taking part in races, the shop owner said I should swap out the 2S rig for 1S. I have done a number of flights in both 1 and 2S and it’s obvious there is a major difference, for obvious reasons. I decided to try things out as 1S and did a non-permanent option by removing the second plug.

So my question is, what can I do to add more oomph with the loss of the increased voltage afforded by the second battery? The motors are 17500KV, btw.

I am hoping the Gemfan props I bought will help, the stock props are serious pieces of shit.



From my experience: Not much. Go 3S (oh that’s not what you asked for). :wink:
I’m killing fewer batteries since I stopped flying 1S machines (a long time ago).
2S acro is fine for indoors.

Other options:

  • reduce weight
  • increase throttle_boost if you are flying a recent betaflight variant. Gives a more oomphy feel on quick throttle blips.
  • use a better prop as you suggested (but more oomph likely means more current draw and killing batteries even faster). I’m not really sure about the GF 163X props (yet), they are probably a tiny bit larger than the stock prop (I redesigned a frame for that prop and had to figure out, that GF is slightly cheating - that prop is larger than stated on their website).

Pretty much anything that improves efficiency could help. Nevertheless, going 2S saves you a lot of problems. Why do you want the machine to be 1S in the first place?



For whoop racing mainly until I get things down. I can rip pretty well unplanned proximity but need to tighten down my skills for racing.

I have a 1S 720 whoop that is pretty quick and hoping to get the same or close performance from the Beta but the few times I ran it on 1S it seemed to not have the same getup and go as the 720 despite being lighter.



Turned out 1S isn’t an option with the gemfan props but work great 2S. I just tamed the throttle a bit to help.