Monthly forum meetup?

Anyone here interested in a monthly (online) meetup?
Im happy to contribute my zoom account for such activity.

If you dont know zoom: its a video conferencing service, and it allow participants to split up into breakout rooms. So its like on a party: we all meet at the bar, and then everyone settles on the tables with their favourite conversation partners.

If you are keen on that, reply with suggestions for time and day and I will set it up.


Seems interesting

post some dates that will suit you. Someones gotta throw the first rock :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldnt mind , seems interesting , but id be probably shy with my canadian accent since i mainly speak french loll but it would be really awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

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Anytime after 230 Eastern I could try my hand at it. With all the rain, I’ll not be flying.