Moments of stupidity


You know that moment when you think, “what’s wrong with my camera? I can’t see anything!” and you frantically check for problems, and finally realize that the lens cover is on your camera?


It’s a harmless mistake at least. :slight_smile: no lasting consequence lol


LOL, @MidnightQuads! Been there, done that, got the t-shirt… and did the facepalm! :laughing:


I’ve had a few occasions (two) where I mounted the camera, buried and hotglued deep within the quad, rushed to the park to grab the last 30 minutes of sunlight. Only to find out the camera was upside down. /fail

And no it wasn’t one of those camera’s with a button to flip the image… lol
On a positive note, I decided to fly LOS that session and I got really into LOS acro for a while because of that! :joy:


I think my most serious stupidity moments are when you’re going to connect yourr vtx, and you checked polarity twice, but in the moment of truth you got polarity wrong and “pufff”, magic smoke. Maybe is not so stupid the first time it happens to you, but the second time you realize that was just stupid


Haha. That was me just a couple days ago!

I went so far as to start booting up betaflight to see if my board could still connect. :rofl:


I feel you pain!


Looks like it’s not a big drawback if i lost my lens cover on the very first day… :joy:

But ask me how i was like facepalming yesterday:

Might be called: Why u dont reverse connect batteries when u tell everyone u’ve quit smoking!
(no idea how i managed that with a 2mm JST …:face_with_raised_eyebrow: )



Battery connection issues happen!! I have an xt30 quad that I was trying to plug in but it wasn’t plugging in so I tried to force it in and heard a spark zap, and then when I looked at the xt30 connector one of them was loaded with black soot lol totally a stupid mistake. Still flies fine but damn that was foolish.


THX for sharing this @quadlifepro, makes me less look like an idiot :wink:
Luckily i was able to fix my board and have it flying.
But if this keeps happening i might wanna take precautions like adding protection diodes or write 10sqft signs: “Check polarity before connecting!” :joy:


We should Print out little fortune cookie sized stickers saying, “have you checked your polarity this morning?” and tape them to the battery! Lol!!! :joy:


I once got the polarity wrong on a 2200mah 3S… 15cm flames burst out when I connected the battery… The battery was dead, the quad survived, still flies today. Fortunately I was outside and didn’t burn myself.

Now I triple check polarity before and after.

This didn’t help me recently when I soldered the VTX to the FC to the pad labeled VCC - which is battery voltage, therefore 3S instead of steady 5V… At least it seems I’m in good company with this one, but the VTX is still dead.


@quadlifepro :joy::joy::joy::joy: ROFLMAO!!!
Just my kind o humor - still laughing!!!

{Drone racing day, many arrive with their boxes and cases with their drones & stuff in them. One guy’s case is three times a big as the other’s cases. Small-case-guy asks: Mate, what u got in there? SuperDrone? Big-case-guy replies: Nono, regular drone, just added some “check polarity-signs” :grin::grin: }


Thank u too for sharing, @marapet, looks like one could place a regular’s table in here labelled “the killing polarities” :grin:
Thanks for surviving your own attacks :grinning: … no chance to repair VTX?

(This isn’t VH1 storytellers :face_with_raised_eyebrow: … is it?)


I still have it, the display does light up when I plug it in (5V this time…), but no signal… Somewhere the magic smoke must have come out - i guess the chip just underneath the antenna plug. Not sure if I’ll ever be able to replace something that small, but I keep it around in case I break an other VTX (I have 3-4 of those).

And btw the solder bridge was only created afterwards, when I desoldered the cables.


@marapet - this is an eachine vtx03?
Well, think you are right, the IC under the antenna conn. has typical burn marks. I was sure, the IC on the lower right of the other side would be pretty much the only damaged component - but this damage looks like it’s worse. Well replacing this QFN-package type is no magic but the other components might be pre-damaged already… :thinking: … from this point of long-distance-diagnosis…


Oh, yes… There are second chances!
How good i ordered 10 of the damaged regulators.
Sooo if anyone runs into same - well - issue, send your board, seems i build up ‘repair experience’ here… :joy: