Modify 40mm props to fit on 0603 0.8mm shaft


I’m building my own 75mm ‘whoop’ with Racerstar 19,000kv 0603 motors - they have a 0.8mm shaft.

Wanting (needing as I have them) to use 40mm 4 blade props, and they are obviously for 1mm shaft motors.

Has anyone any bright ideas how to mod the shaft/prop so they fit?

I’ve tried with plumbers PTFE tape and also with insulation tape on the shaft, but it’s not got enough ‘stick’…



@jimbo_wa I saw a recent post on RCG where somebody used 0.8mm shrink tubing to adapt 1mm bore props to a 0.8mm motor shaft. It was in one of the BL whoop threads, I think either UR/UK/US65 or new BetaFPV 2S whoop.


Ah - that’s inspired!

(why didn’t I think of that…)



@jimbo_wa Just came across the original post on RCG, thanks to a reply a few days later. OP includes a link to the 0.8mm shrink tubing. Response offers hot glue as an alternative.


@Brainstorm Good find (again!)

I had 6mm of ‘thin’ heatshrink and it didn’t work so have 2m of 1.2/0.6mm on its way from eBay - hopefully that will work.

Did think about adhesive/hot glue, but can see the props being off-centre/incorrectly balanced?

If not, I somehow seem to have a set of 0703 19,000kv motors arriving just in case… :money_mouth_face: