Model.ini ONLY with ALL info needed to fly!

Pardon me but I admit I’m not expert at setting up files for RC models. That’s the reason I came here to begin with. I am selfishly hoping to find complete .ini files that I can load into my Jumper+ via the USB mode. Knowing what each switch does would be a requirement. Am I in the wrong place? I’m 71 yrs old and enjoy this hobby immensely. By using just the Beta 65s Lite and E011 model.ini files I got from the “Boss’s Drop Box” was wonderful flight improvement from the OEM tx I had been using. I need the assistance only a noob would understand. Reading your posts make my eyes blur. I live in the country but maybe I can find a mentor somewhere. This “community” is not what I’d hoped for. No offence intended. My needs are perhaps too uneducated to be accomodated. Peace and Blessings to all.
[ BTW, I can be reached at < > in case I have been understood by someone.]
I am particularly interested in a comprehensive BoldClash B03 Pro .ini file if available. Please email it with an included info.txt. I am greatly thankful in advance.

Did you get any files sent to you? Just wondering about the B03 Pro, it might fly on the E011 model file, I think (but not sure) that they might be the same.

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Greetings friend,

Thank you so much for your reply to my "venting’. I have been flying the B03 and E011 using the Bayang proto. I’m learning that I’ll need to become “mixer” able to use full features ie flips and rates. I have a Bugs3 Mini and watched (several times) Jay Drone’s video on Jumperizing it. He’s IDd the Arming switch, acro/level switch, and others. This type of info is what I’ve been hoping for. Also “Frequent Flyer” on YT has it set up in detail .

I’ll struggle on, ;D and finally get it. I’m not nor really want to be a power user. When I can fully get the few models I own “Jumperize”, I’ll be content… until some new quad comes out I gotta have! Lol.

I sincerely thank you for contacting me. It is encouraging. As we Southerners say, “You’re good people”.

Blessings- Colin Bruner aka Kentuckian

For B03 and E011:
Devo Ch 6 = FLIP
Devo Ch 9 = HEADFREE
Devo Ch 10 = RTH

An arming switch can be set in the Devo. Add this under channel3 (throttle) in the model file:
where XXX is the name of the switch (and it’s position 0/1/2) you want to use. Then when the switch is in that position, the throttle will be whatever the “safety value” is, -125 in this case, regardless of where the throttle is set.

On a Jumper T8SG I have, the far left-hand switch in the fully down position would be SW D2, so I would set safetysw=SW D2 to use that switch in that position.

Here is a link to the Silverware wiki that might be useful, or frustrating. The whole wiki is about silverware which was mostly developed on the Boldclash B03 quad, so, protocol is the same (Bayang) and there might be a few little things of interest in there.

Regarding setting up Devo model files manually, it is not easy to describe how to do this, as many steps are needed to navigate through all the menu’s and sub-menu’s as you have probably already discovered. Videos would be best for this.

The flip channel in Bayang is tricky. I’ve never used it. I’m not sure if it needs a momentary high signal or not, I think it does. Once that “switch” is activated, then when the pitch or roll stick is moved in a certain direction, the quad will flip or roll in that direction. That is my recollection of how it works. Would need more research to investigate that further. Maybe someone might chime in.

I am not sure about a rates switch with the Devo, I think it might be specific to the stock tx on a stock quad. The flashable firmwares all support rates switching with the Devo. I only fly at one rate so never looked into it, even before the days of flashing silverware.

Another good resource for the Bayang protocol (with some Devo content):
It will be hard work searching it due to the large number of pages, but Devo-specific searches shouldn’t be too bad if you have a bit of time. Click on “search this thread” (up near the top of the page) and then “advanced search”.

Hope this gives you one or 2 pieces of the puzzle…

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Many thanks!