Mobula7 hot motors

Bf 4.0.5
Crazybee F4 V2 Pro
08 O2 16000 KV Motors
V3 mobula frame
Diamond vtx
Caadx eos2 camera
Chaotic cam mount
HM props
450mah 2s
Swapped ph2 for an xt30 connector

freaks out in a dive and fast turns are impossible it looses control, like a quick esc/motor desink or something. please help I have no clue where to start at.
ill add a video tomorrow
F4 was defaulted for 11xx motors, lowered notch filters a bunch, switched all filters to pt1, pids are set to stock eachine trashcan.
Motor running cooler now more testing at lunch

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Keep us updated.

I forgot I also switched all filters to pt1.
1 full pack at lunch 3 minute flight. Front motors warmish, rear motors are hot, but not scorching hot now. The yaw is snappy again I was able to fly instead of fight to stay in the air.
What happens if I turn off the filters?
I’m wondering if I can pump the pids on the 65mm brushless whoop. I fly it hard and fast motors come down cold. It’s definitely the most locked in betaflight kwad I’ve owned.

Try the latest Mockula7 setup from the project mockingbird FB page.