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Mobula 7 nogyro


I’ve been out of the hobby for several years and was excited to return with a 2s powered tiny whoop.

My fun was short lived mutled my way through setting up the new quad after and hour or so got all my switches and everything set up.

Took her out for a maiden was getting my bearings back after being off the sticks so long had a couple of hard landings nothing to bad.

Once the quad landed upside down and would flip out of control so I unplugged it to reboot and then it wouldn’t arm so I plugged it into beta flight and the gyro or accelerometer doesn’t do anything.

Ran status command and got a NOGYRO flag.

I don’t think I could have wrecked hard enough to damage anything. Could it just be a dud?

Any thoughts would be appreciated I’m pretty discouraged.



Update. After some emails RacedayQuads sent a new board. I installed it and the mobula is alive again. Ive really been bashing this guy and its pretty great. The frame is kinda fragile but an upgrade should help with that.



@Bswift85 I just got a rework station, need some broken stuff to play with… wanna get rid of the broken one? I’ll pay shipping and a couple extra bucks… if not it’s good too. Thanks

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I would but they had me ship the defective one back.