Mobula 7 F4 FC not HD

Mine becomes too hot after flying in 2S, all stock, it’s just warm in 1s.
Can someone let me know what’s wrong?


Perhaps incorrect filters never had a board get super hot. Check Joshua Bardwells videos on betaflight 4.0 especially the changes to pid values and filtering.
Perhaps a bad Ic component (gyro, accelerometer, mosfets) Somewhere you have energy being lost that’s what creates excessive heat.
Hook a smoke stopper in, not the b.s. led one.
An actual old school car head light bulb.
If your board has a short the lightbulb will light up. Also remove props, arm your kwad and add a lil throttle. The short may not show its head at idle. But adding throttle may get a result. Like 5 or 10 % theottle for a split second.
Look the board over with a magnifying glass perhaps solder points are arcing, which I believe would leave discoloration in affected area.
Not much help never experienced a kwad board getting Texas hot and I live and fly in North Texas. But some ideas are better than none.
Keep us updated bro

I thought the Mobula had a F3 fc

Check CG with battery installed. I had this issue with the trashcan and installing the battery with balance lead in the back of the quad caused the quad to be ass heavy and the motors got hot. Install with balance lead in front and the CG was fine and motors were no longer scorching hot.