MMW reggae shark Fpv and inductrix fc

Just enquiring. Had any body tried the inductrix fc on the reggae shark frame. I’m interested to know what folk think of the idea and what motors might work for a decent micro Fpv setup. I have frame and micro Fpv gear.

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You probably already have the FC is what I am guessing.

But the Reggea shark is made to take 8.5 motors and I am not sure the Inductrix FC will be able handle that load…I could be wrong. The other thing is you would have to mount the FC at a 45 degree angle.

Lastly I am unaware of any way to program an Inductrix FC.

If I were you I would buy a Scisky, some micro JST connectors, and some MMW motors to complete the build.

What transmitter are you using right now with your Inductrix? I would think this with 6 or 7mm mount could make you Inductrix FC work.

Hi Josh
Thanks for taking the time t reply. Yes I already have the inductrix fc. I have checked and it will handle 0815’s fine, just not the dark edition. The fc is tiny so I think I will be able to find a way to rotate and mount it.
I also have a beefs brushed board but I’m not the best at setting it up and it has been a hassle for me. May be later when I’m more knowledgable.
So you think it might be worth a try.

sure go head, its plug and play with the motors, you will probably have the solder and better battery lead if you have not already.

I am curious how it works as well. I do not have a extra Inductrix FC laying around. It would be really cool if some made an inductrix style frame nearly as light with a 8.5 motors in mind. Sub 35 grams with battery might be doable.

Yep, I’m just going to give it a go. I’ll let you know how I get on.
Thanks again.

What sort of lead and connector would you recommend to solder to the board for best results. I have some losi connectors but I’m not sure if they will be too heavy.
Thanks for helping.

Either walkera/losi or jst (the red ones). I prefer jst.
Also depends on what batteries you have and/or if you wanna change their plugs.


Thanks. I’ll change connectors. I think I have losi spare somewhere.

How did this work out for you? Someone on youtube said that he tried nano qx fc on a picnic and soldered a losi and had issues.