Micro swift build options?


ok so i want to build something that can use the lihv bolt 850mah 3s packs. right now im using 500mah lihv 2s on 60gram setup with 1104 7000kv motors and gemfan 3025. its fast (60mph full throttle) and fun but i want better picture and more power. the 1000tvl 1.2 cam is nice but i want the swift. i want to keep it as light as possible and under 150mm.


Atom V3 1406 4100kv is a perfect match for 850 3s. Micro swift fits great.


ok what props and hows the flight time?


I’m running RX3040T props and getting 4-5 min depending on how I fly. The RX cube by TBS is expensive but works great. You could build one with other electronics cheaper. I just put together a 4" Atom from spare parts I had on hand.


ok thanks i have a piko blx 12a 4in1 vtx… just need motors props frame and battery. my friend is giving me 5
950mah 2s graphene packs brand new for free as long as i build something to use them on. are there any motors i can utilize these packs with id rater 2s over 3s to keep weight down. he has 2 1106 6000kv emax motors for 20 bucks the package says 220g of thurst at 8v… my 1104 7000kv can lift the 950mah but its like flying a brick. i think im getting 150grams of thrust off them on a fresh 2s lihv. dam


@Catfish: The 2S 950mAh are relatively large, and the Graphene are heavier than the regular nano-tech LiPo. These packs do have excellent power density! However, as you already found, they’ll likely turn any 11xx-based build into a brick.

If you want to go with those 1106 6000KV motors, you’ll probably want to stick with the smaller 2S and 3S packs you are already using. The 2S 950mAh will probably work OK for mellow cruising type flights, e.g. to explore new spots, rather than all-out aerobatics and/or racing.

If you do want to use those 2S 950mAh as your primary LiPo option, my recommendation would be to consider a 4" build with 1306/1407 4000KV motors, or even an ultralight 5" build with 1407 around 3000KV. You’ll get better efficiency and endurance than with anything 3" or smaller. But AUW will be a little bit heavier and motor-to-motor size closer to 155mm (4") or 190mm (5").

PS: As long as you keep AUW super low, I think your 20x20mm electronics will work fine, even for 4" and 5" mentioned above. Key is to cut weight obsessively and meticulously.