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@Kamsleo69 we never saw your 1st flight :grinning:

How is flying the thing with 2S lipo ? I was interested in this mount
And is your camera carbon cap still alive after few crashes ?


Hi Jason, why this magic smoke ? your negative lipo wire desoldered while crash?


Hey, thanks for asking about my stealth, love how she flies! Very stable with stock PID’s on the MF pico FC.
I don’t run 2S, the batteries in the pic are LiHV 4.35V 1S.
The carbon camera cap is a solid mod, it works well and has held up to brutal crashes, the entire quad is very well designed. I have rolled it across the park many times.
I am sorry to say that I still have no video. Earlier this year I spent too much money on a mini HDVR that I tried to use on my fatsharks. I tried again after I did the video out mod on my cyclops goggles. Same outcome, every time there is the slightest disruption in the signal, the HDVR freezes up and my only option is to remove battery which causes what video I did record to be lost.
I have decided to swap out the culprit in question with a $10 version from BG. Go figure. I will keep you posted!


Hi, i really don’t know why that happened. Maybe i didn’t cut off the Throttle-Stick immediately and therefore one motor was trying spin, but he couldn’t.

Thorsten had designed a little Cam-Holder. The Holder works on the Stealth, Micro-H, Micro Hex and Micro-X and weighs about 2g. http://www.smartshapes.de/product_info.php?info=p164_universal-micro-kamerahalter.html


That is a nice design. I must say, it’s much sexier than my solid piece of cf with epoxy, and also much easier to adjust the angle. I don’t know the weight of my camera cap.


Check this DRV from banggood. I just soldered it and stick on top of my son Eachine EV800 goggles and it works really well (see tutorial here)

I am remaking my micro stealth without any cloverleaf antenna on top. I hope to post here soon the new pictures :slight_smile:


I use that DVR, too… works really great with my diversity Monitor. I have made an tutorial in may 2016. On the left site on my blogpage you find the google-translate-button to your favorite language.

@Kamsleo69 I like the holder and use it on the Micro-X. Here you find some more pics:


Yes gentlemen,
That’s the one I picked up during their anniversary sale, looks like I have some work to do😃


It was time to build a new Micro Stealth with the newest accessory parts.


Frame: Micro Stealth
FC: Micro Scisky 32
Motors: MMW 0820-15
Cam and TX: Foxeer 987T
Accessory Parts: Tiltable Cam Holder wilth the new antenna guard, also printed landing skids

Weight: 47 gram wo bat (60 gram with 500 mAh bat)

Configutation was easy and the Quad flew some rounds in the living room.
Hope you like it

PS: This is the final Version of the Cam mount. It goes online in the next few days.



very clean setup… :slight_smile: looks nice!


Is there a website from which to order this in the US, or have you American folk been ordering from smartshapes.de?

I’m unfamiliar with ordering much from Europe, but I of course am willing to :slight_smile: I love this frame, and am eager to get my hands on one.

I love to see your builds - you guys make some great looking quads!


Hi, thanks… :slight_smile: Write a PN to Thorsten here on MMW and he will send you one. You can also order the Frame on the smartshapes Shop, he delivers to the USA.


Hey Kiel, I was about to direct you to this thread after your post on FB. Glad your a member here mate. A most excellent place to hang out. We have a Discord chat room available too invite


Thanks @jayson and @Chaotix! This is the threat that got me interested in those frames :slight_smile:
I’ll get a hold of Thorsten… is it @t_schoepper? I hope so, because he just got tagged.

Thanks again guys! Obviously a great community here!


Hi, no problem, have fun with the Micro Stealth. Yes Thorsten is t_schoepper. :slight_smile:


Thanks for hooking that up @jayson. Got my order in with @t_schoepper for the whole package (frame, camera mount, feet) and am looking forward to zipping around place with it soon!


Hi, the Micro Stealth got a update. You can print Brushless Motormounts for the Micro-Stealth, Micro-H and Micro Hex. All of them have the same Motormounts. The 3D-Model for printing you can finde here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2534834

greetings Jan