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The rubber grommets that shipped with my vodoo frame not sure if they’re good ones or not, but after spending time and having other mounts to compare, I would not use them again. The motors, for me anyway, just don’t sit very well and seem to move frequently and slightly and cause the flight characteristics to shift frequently. I found my self using a lot of stick trimming until I heard Ben describe my exact problem with them.


Some grommets have a curved/beveled edge, and are not very “deep” others have an almost square edge, a thinner groove around the outside, and an extra mm or more of “depth” these ones hold the frame better, and the motor too. I will post a picture of the 3 or 4 kinds I have, in 7mm and 8.5mm. Local car parts store sells them, chassis wiring grommets.

But I would fully agree that other mounts are superior for flight characteristics, but in a crash the grommets are extremely forgiving.

Sorry for turning the micro stealth thread into a motor mount thread…I am waiting eagerly for the frame to arrive in the MMW Aussie store (cough cough @Benedikt)


Cool! I appreciate the feedback. If there are ones (grommets) that can alleviate this issue I’m having? heck I’m open to that :slight_smile: @JG101


I recognized an additional cooling effect on the Motors. After a view quality crashes the mounts sit as they should. Maybe there are a bit more vibrations passed to the frame but i cant tell its different to the delrin mounts, because i didnt try them on this frame…


Hi, on the weekend i have build up my CFK Micro Stealth! Thanks to Thorsten for my CFK Version! The total weight is about 41,8g with WS2812 LED and VTX + Cam. I think 40g AUW should be possible without the WS2812 LED. I also installed the new gemfan 65mm Props and like it. Two of them are broken on first flight after some crashes. So i think they break a little bit faster than the parrots, but they are a lot cheaper.

Thorsten had designed a new cam mount here: Tilted Cam Mount for the Micro H-Quad
I like this mount, so i have redesigned the top plate of the micro stealth for mounting this cam mount. The File you can find as usual on my blogpage or thingiverse. Unfortunately my 3d printer sucks, so i don’t could build up the new cam mount with new top plate.


Hi, here is my latest FPV Video-Mix of the Carbon Micro Stealth. I hope you like it. It’s the first time, that i have tried Flips over FPV. With LuxFloat PIDs it works fine and after some practice it should be a lot better in future.


Here is my 3D printed version. Thanks to @jayson.
Called it Micro Stealth Bomber (due to it’s heavy weight of 49,3g without battery :grimacing:)

Micro Stealth 3D printed frame with top plate (around 14g)
10mm M2 female female stand offs
Scisky with buzzer
MMW 0820-15 motors
Parrot props
FX758-2 without shield
Pololu s7v7f5
BG 600tvl 170degree cam
DIY Cloverleaf (first attempts, ugly and probably badly tuned, 1.1g)
and a lot of hotglue which also contributes to beeing that heavy.

The whole FPV rig just weights 5.5g.
With battery it’s slightly under 65g.

Flying on Alienflight v1.31.0, Luxfloat right now.


Love it! Especially the buzzer…cool.


That was my hardest solder job I did so far.
Practiced on some old PCB out of a CD player.
After 2 failed tries on the scisky I nailed it with the third attempt. Used Kapton tape and the andonstar usb microscope.
Put a good amount of hotglue on the FC to protect this wire soldered on the leg.
Man, I need a finer tip. 1.1mm is the smallest for my Ersa Multitip 25W.
Maybe I’ll try this:

Repairing solder pads?

It looks pretty good.

Nice job.



Hi all,

I got this carbon frame stealth CFK.
I love it ! Sure I had some crash (only on thick grass for the moment) and bang into some trees :wink: but still fine exept the propellers that often pops out during flight or brakes on crash.

Here is video of my first flight (angle mode) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhLCkeVqOyE

For its setup you will find the whole details on youtube comments


Trim some grass after take off lol.


year ! it was a bit windy that day and i could feel the thing moving a lot. You can see how it shakes while running forward.

I have a real problem with the Hubsan propellers that pop out too much especially in fast yaw.
How did you solve this on your micro brushed ?
I have read some guys put little glue but where and i am afraid of engine rotor problem if the propeller gets too much stuck…


If you already have drilled protective hole to keep prop against the can, you can put floss between the prop and the shaft.


Looks good the way it happened!

Your props are a bit off balance in the video? It’s worth the few minutes to straighten them out. Do you mean pop out on yaw like completely come off the shaft or they do not seat low? The only props so far that popped off completely are Heli Max 1SQ’s but very cheap motors were used and the shafts may have been smaller spec. This issue was fixed with the following link:

This is another good way to help if you have not seen this link:


Thanks guys for your answers.

I didn’t know the floss solution but I will have a try !

I have already drilled a little bit the props with 0.8mm drill but not all the way (the drill did not run through the props). It is then more confortable to insert the props without pushing too much and protect from popping off the motor bottom end cap.
But they still often pop out during the flight (@Quadflop : they litterally fly away from the motor with a ziouuuuu in the air and I see my quad fly down into my google => look at 6:17min in my video this is pop out props!)

@Quadflop again : How do you see that my props are a bit off balance in the video?
i never balanced my Hubsan propellers as i didn’t know it was possible to do it… So i guess i should drill 0.8mm through all the way into the props and than balance them + fit them with floss


Finally completed my Micro Stealth FPV…Thanks @t_schoepper & @jayson

  • FC: AlienFlight Classic Narrow w/Side usb

  • DM007 Props on 8.5mm motors

  • Cam Housing & 5.8 GHz Clover Leaf Antenna from Killa’ Klownz FPV

  • Diatone 90 Camera

  • FX758-2 5.8G 200mW vTX

  • Pololu 5v Step up/Step Down Reg.

  • RMRC Pico Wiring Harness

  • 3M Dual Lock Low Profile Reclosable Fastener (Velcro)

And, a surprise benefit is the fpv cam housing turnned out to be a self contained and removable/portable backpack (complete with a pololu inside) Another plus is that the antenna is set just below the cam housing, so crashes are absorbed by it and do not touch the clover leaf :slight_smile:

Show us your builds!

That’s a pretty sweet build. So how big is this frame? Any issues with the camera coming off in crashes?


@user179 [quote=“user179, post:58, topic:1727, full:true”]
That’s a pretty sweet build. So how big is this frame? Any issues with the camera coming off in crashes?

Thank you. It’s 108mm size No issues at all I’ve got about 11 packs through it outdoors now with some crashes. The 3M Dual Lock Low Profile stuff is no joke it holds.


NICE! So what’s the AUW and flight time? Will that frame fit the parrot props? I think those are similar in size to the DM007s, but I may be wrong. I don’t have any of those. I like it seems to be an X frame and it’s small. I’m looking to build an outside flyer for my next custom build. I don’t have any AW side boards. I’m sure that frame will fit a beef board. My requirements are easy access to the USB/FTDI, buzzer, and best flight time I can get. Possibly OSD based on how much that cuts down on flight time.