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Micro Stealth FPV


Will smartshapes.de ship to the US? If anyone have an idea on what shipping costs are?


@HockeyZ39 Yes, they will ship here to the U. S. I paid 5 euros for delivery to California


Hi. Shipping to US is no problem.



Micro Stealth plus additional improvement :slight_smile: flyes great, thank you @jayson


Nice build!

Can you give some information about the motormounts?



nice build @Luftschraube and the motor mounts look really interesting. What is it, looks like Alu?


@Luftschraube very nice. What vtx and camera??


VTX is this one: http://www.fpvhobby.com/241-ghz-avtx-for-fatshark-.html
The cam, i guess should be from Banggood…


Those mounts are interesting. Would like some additional info on them.


@t_schoepper @jayson @JG101 I wonder if these are the motor mounts?


Maybe, I have never noticed that little kit on HK myself. The mounts are definitely interesting.


Yep, I would prefer these over rubber grommets @JG101


They would tend to act as a heatsink too, which is an added benefit of an alloy motor sleeve/mount. Probably lighter than the rubber grommets too.


The motor mounts are from HK as @MasterRC_sTudenT already found :slight_smile: they are made out of aluminium.
They are in a upgrade bag for the quanum wisp frame.
The holes in the arms need to be widened with a reamer to 10,55-10,60 mm
that is the sweet spot where the mounts and motor hold tight together.
Absolved 3 flying days with normal hard rock crashes. For now no damage on frame or motor mounts.
At least as you already recognized, the motor mounts work as a very good heatsink too.
Don’t try to widen the holes from the Carbon-H or stealth with a drill… you will fail! You need a measuring tool to get cloth to the ideal Diameter! In my opinion… get them :slight_smile:
There is a outlet for the wires milled in the motor shoes.


Thanks for the explanation with the motor mount diameter. It definitely look nice.


Its possible to widen the original diameter from 10.1 mm to 10.55 with a rolled peace of sandpaper. Really worked fine this way.


The camera i got a year ago from Fabrizio ( Quattrovolante.com ) sold out…
Its a V650 700TVL FOV127 (3,6-5,5V) very good shape to fit in micros. Excellent picture and color reproduction but only in good light conditions. Not very usable in lowlight and light-shadow changing environment.


Thank you for the more detail. I am going to have to try some.


Thanks for the great details @Luftschraube particularly about the hole size for the mounts. I have only tried one frame with rubber grommets and I don’t like them. This is a great alternative.


The grommets can be ok, the ones that came with the wisp were rubbish, I found wiring grommets that were much better, I can put my motors at any angle I want, and they stay there, and they can be found in any size. But they are a bit heavy, they tend to hold heat in the motor, and they look crap…

Alloy with some nice anodizing on the other hand looks “pro spec” lol.

Back to the micro stealth fpv frame. How are the ones in the wild handling crashes, any initial reports? What do you like about it after spending quality time with it?