Micro Stealth FPV

Trim some grass after take off lol.

year ! it was a bit windy that day and i could feel the thing moving a lot. You can see how it shakes while running forward.

I have a real problem with the Hubsan propellers that pop out too much especially in fast yaw.
How did you solve this on your micro brushed ?
I have read some guys put little glue but where and i am afraid of engine rotor problem if the propeller gets too much stuck…

If you already have drilled protective hole to keep prop against the can, you can put floss between the prop and the shaft.

Looks good the way it happened!

Your props are a bit off balance in the video? It’s worth the few minutes to straighten them out. Do you mean pop out on yaw like completely come off the shaft or they do not seat low? The only props so far that popped off completely are Heli Max 1SQ’s but very cheap motors were used and the shafts may have been smaller spec. This issue was fixed with the following link:

This is another good way to help if you have not seen this link:

Thanks guys for your answers.

I didn’t know the floss solution but I will have a try !

I have already drilled a little bit the props with 0.8mm drill but not all the way (the drill did not run through the props). It is then more confortable to insert the props without pushing too much and protect from popping off the motor bottom end cap.
But they still often pop out during the flight (@Quadflop : they litterally fly away from the motor with a ziouuuuu in the air and I see my quad fly down into my google => look at 6:17min in my video this is pop out props!)

@Quadflop again : How do you see that my props are a bit off balance in the video?
i never balanced my Hubsan propellers as i didn’t know it was possible to do it… So i guess i should drill 0.8mm through all the way into the props and than balance them + fit them with floss

Finally completed my Micro Stealth FPV…Thanks @t_schoepper & @jayson

  • FC: AlienFlight Classic Narrow w/Side usb

  • DM007 Props on 8.5mm motors

  • Cam Housing & 5.8 GHz Clover Leaf Antenna from Killa’ Klownz FPV

  • Diatone 90 Camera

  • FX758-2 5.8G 200mW vTX

  • Pololu 5v Step up/Step Down Reg.

  • RMRC Pico Wiring Harness

  • 3M Dual Lock Low Profile Reclosable Fastener (Velcro)

And, a surprise benefit is the fpv cam housing turnned out to be a self contained and removable/portable backpack (complete with a pololu inside) Another plus is that the antenna is set just below the cam housing, so crashes are absorbed by it and do not touch the clover leaf :slight_smile:


That’s a pretty sweet build. So how big is this frame? Any issues with the camera coming off in crashes?

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@user179 [quote=“user179, post:58, topic:1727, full:true”]
That’s a pretty sweet build. So how big is this frame? Any issues with the camera coming off in crashes?

Thank you. It’s 108mm size No issues at all I’ve got about 11 packs through it outdoors now with some crashes. The 3M Dual Lock Low Profile stuff is no joke it holds.

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NICE! So what’s the AUW and flight time? Will that frame fit the parrot props? I think those are similar in size to the DM007s, but I may be wrong. I don’t have any of those. I like it seems to be an X frame and it’s small. I’m looking to build an outside flyer for my next custom build. I don’t have any AW side boards. I’m sure that frame will fit a beef board. My requirements are easy access to the USB/FTDI, buzzer, and best flight time I can get. Possibly OSD based on how much that cuts down on flight time.

Not good at detailing this lol.
Place the quad on a level surface. Go eye level with the propellers ( make sure props can not engage of course) and spin one at a time with a finger. As the prop is spinning you will be able to see if the blades are bending down too far or even up extending out from the hub. I bend mine down a bit lower than horizon level (theory) so when a lot of throttle is applied, they do not flex up too high. On a low budget here still and learning a lot of small tricks to keep flying. Just as every gram counts on a micro, every bit of vibration/ off balance parts eliminated makes a huge flying difference…

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@user179 without lipo it sits at 45g. I use 3 different size batteries and have a timer set on my Transmitter of 4:30 I rarely go over it even if I’m having a great flight :slight_smile: so that’s my time on it. I run mylipo 480mah & 700mah, and Graphene 600mah.

I measured the frame’s FC compartment from inner standoff conservatively and it will fit 30mm x 30mm board with no issues , but I will include the frame’s designer @jayson in hopes he can say if the Beef’s Brushed Board (32mm x 32mm) will fit. I know for sure it would fit the width .

@user179 my recent experience in brushless has shed a lot of light into exactly what you are trying to achieve with your requirements. My opinion is that brushed is extremely limited by weight, especially heading into fpv setups and extras (Excluding LOS).


Hi, i think the beef should be fit. But the Frame is specially for the Scisky/Quanum, because they are only 30x20mm. The beef will fit, but stick out a bit on both sides, because of the 32mm. But i think it will work fine. The little cleats for rubber bands measure 30mm from side to side.

@MasterRC_sTudenT you have done it very well :slight_smile:

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@quadflop : Thanks for your infos ! it is not easy to balance these props…
Well I have put some dental floss on my props though… It works much better and for now no pop out !!!
I made a video from my personal experience to insert the dental floss on props => Micro quad FPV : How to fit props with dental floss

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Ladies and Gentleman(yes,it’s been confirmed),
I would like to present my Micro Stealth FPV.

First, thanks to @jayson for his design; @t_schoepper for the CF version; @giles for the mulitflite Pico FC, and @Benedikt for the 8.5mm MMW motors.

I tried out parrots and a crazy FPV angle to which I quickly modified to its current configuration with Afuenta clears.

I have not flown w the HV’s as its maiden flight was w mylipo 480’s. This afternoon I plan on ripping the skies wide open w this quad!

Build info:
• MultiFlite Pico-B-FC
DIY 1S HV pack
Turnigy Bolt 500mAh 2S 7.6V 65~130C High Voltage Lipoly Pack (LiHV)

• Stealth CF frame

• MMW 8.5

• Afunta props

• Camera
600TVL 1/4 1.8mm CMOS FPV 170 Degree Wide

• Vtx
Usmile® FX MM213TL 5.8G 8CH 25mW VTX Wireless Video Transmitter with 5.8G 3db Antenna and Dip Switch https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01JRGXK6S/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_sTx5xbDS37KR

• RX
Lemon RX DSMX Satellite Receiver - Spektrum compatible https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00SUM3H6O/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_8Rx5xbS6Q5K90


Very nice build :smiley:
Are you sure the motors are from us?
Ours dont have holes in the top…

Well then I’m not as mad at my Nephew for wasting them. He’s seven. There’s yours😅 Mixed them up.
Btw, that frame can take a beating

Yes, its a nice frame. I have one too :wink:

Little myth busting on the side:
It was told that the holes on the motors are for cooling. They are not. They were closed before running the motor in their original application. They are intended for mounting and have no significant effect on motor temperatures.


@Kamsleo69 nice build !

I appreciate your idea of the motor mount. it is not the traditional way of mount and it is good point to have 4 real feet made by heatshrink. I was wondering if the nylon screw are strong enought for you ? Because I have this frame and these nylon screws often boke in the field after crashes… So I prefered to use some new steel screw unbreakable but 4 times more heavier !! damned…!

About the camera cover it is brilliant idea ! I am waiting for your crashes feedback to be sure the glue is enougth to maintain all correctly.

Please give us your total weight with and without lipo


That’s funny; any excuse to leave things the way they are!
It makes sense when you think about how these motors were used in applications before micro-quads surfaced. How else would they be mounted in medical tools without screw holes in the tops! Looks like MMW sells the only coreless motor built specifically around micro-quads.
Plus, holes let dirt and dust in motors. I went to a 4 story house under renovations to get some awesome flight vid and didn’t last 1 min before the dust killed my motors.

Thanks @nico2nice
The nylon hardware I’ve found to be single use only, so I have a kit around 200pc found on Amazon. Since I only use them once, I add a drop of CA to thread protrusion after tightening to secure.

My thoughts on the strength of the hardware is I would like those to fail in a crash rather than the frame. Easier and cheaper to replace.

I will attest to the CF camera plate. My nephew rolled her across the ground many times. Granted, she hasn’t gone in head first at speed, but then I expect more to fail in that scenario than a camera cover!

I will report back AUW this evening. Here’s the HV500: