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Hi, i have designed a new Micro Copter, the Micro Stealth 100. The Frame is specially for the Scisky/Quanum FC, but of course you can use a lot of other FC, too. Maybe some of you knowing my design of the Micro H v3 and Micro Hex. My Setup with Scisky/Quanum and 8.5mm Motors from MMW weighs about 39g and with FPV Kit & WS2812 LED 44g.

Also i talked with Thorsten of smartshapes and a CFK Version for 8,5mm and 7mm Motor will be come soon. I think the CFK Version should be a little bit lighter then the printed one.

I print it with 35-40% Infill, 2 Shells and 0,16-0,18 Layers.
Moreover you need some M2 Screws and Spacer!

More Information, a Video and the STL FIle for the Micro Stealth you find here:

On thingiverse you can find the Frame, too:

What's up, my new build(s)

WOWOWOWOWOW!! That frame is amazing and I LOVE 100mm

Anywhere we can buy this already printed?
Also, you did not mention what VTX you are using! only the Camera, Cloverleaf antenna, and the Fatshark FVP!

Great build. I want one.


Hi, @vito600rr i’m glad that you like it. What do you mean with VTX, how i record the video? I use my win10 Tablet with a standard easycab usb grabber for recording. Otherwise I have mentioned everything, i think. Yesterday arrived my new mini DVR, that will be my new recording-solution.

The Frame STL you can download on my blog page and smart shapes will sell the frame in his shop smartshapes.de. I think, the frame come in today. He will offer a CFK-Version and Print-Version, so far i know.

Also I can make the printing, but i’m from germany and i don’t know anything about international shipping cost.


Hi, the CFK version of the Micro Stealth for 8,5mm Motor is available right now on smartshapes.de. I think the weight is pretty perfect. With Accessory Plate 9,05g and with the big top Plate 10,25g. With that it should be possible to get a AUW under 40g. The 7mm Motor version will follow tomorrow.


That looks awesome, @jayson!
The frame design is clever, the price for the CF version is very good, and publishing the print file is smart marketing.
Cant wait to get mine :wink:


Hooray for adding the little cleats for rubber bands to attach the battery. A feature sorely missing on most Picnic Quad frames.


Hi, i agree with you and therefore i have added the little cleats this time. :slight_smile:


Hi, the 7mm Motor version is online right now, too.


hey @jayson aspect that comes to my house! ordained today :wink:


Very happy to purchase this nice shape :slight_smile: awesome @jayson


I like this, looks mad.


Love it, possibly the printed version more!

Is there any camera mounting hardware for the CF version? It looks like there is a tilt mount on the printed one?

I don’t NEED another micro frame but it looks like I’m getting one lol


Hi, @DevianDave the tilt mount on the printed version is only made with double sided tape. Simply stick the cam with the tape on the frame. For me it works fine, since the micro-h with the same cam mount.


Wow that is badass! As @Denovich said that rubber band battery cleat thing is great. I may have to start saving for one of these :smiley:


resolved thank you Jayson :wink:


this is nice!
Will the MMW 8.5mm motor mounts fit?
I have a few extras and would love to have two different frames that use the same style holders.
Thanks so much.


Hi, yes the Motor Mounts for Micro H and Micro Hex fits on the Stealth, too! :slight_smile:


I believe these will be on my ordering list soon. :wink:


My German is improving I managed to place an order for the cf version . Very nice @jayson


Hi, nice that you managed it! My english is even not better and i try to practice it here. Hopefully it is not to bad. :wink: