Micro Shark Night Edition


So built this the other day, Reggae shark frame, 0820-17 motors, my lipo 555mah hv lipos, alien classic narrow with lemon rx decased, runcam swift micro 2 osd and runcam vtx, and a nice 8 led board underneath to light up the night :):smiley:


Nice build man! Looks like it would be a blast to fly.


Thanks it is, can’t wait for next week might go with the 820-18


noice! Looks like a lot of fun! Especailly flying in and out of dark rooms/areas must be a blast to have that headlight…


Beauty, but why you have not center the led stripe at front?
I think it would look better, but anyway nice one. :+1:


It was just put in quick with double stick tape so I could remove it in case it didn’t work well.thanks


Very nice! Where did you get the LED board from?


From a cheap Wal-Mart flash light