Micro Quad pencil art contest: Win YOUR custom t-shirt!

I saw this on Instagram:

and earlier today read yet another message asking for t-shirts…
I dont really like the Proto-X, but it got me thinking…

So I whipped up a t-shirt shop on printful and embedded that to my main webstore.
Took around 3 minutes to throw logo on a shirt:

and do a test purchase. Now Im waiting for my t-shirt to arrive, which is said to take 3-5 days to finish and then 10-20 days to ship to Australia. Retail price is $28 and I paid $9 shipping. I think they ship from California.

That means the stage is prepared, now we need some content.
I asked the creator of above drawing to make some more, but I think we can have more fun with that press :wink:

Lets have a t-shirt contest!
Works like this:

You draw a micro quad, and if I print it onto a shirt,
you get a a free copy of that shirt plus a 50$ MMW store credit.

to qualify, a drawing

  • must be by hand and with a pencil - no pencil sketch filters etc.
  • must have a micro quad as main object
  • is publicly posted into this thread before Mar. 31st
  • winners are chosen on April 1st

The number of winners is not limited. I will choose as many as I like. So it it might be… a lot. I like t-shirts. I like micro quads. And I like pencil art.
So if this contest takes off, I will probably pay through the nose for this.
BUT… I will have lots of t-shirts. Let bring it on!

If you like this idea, please share a link to this thread on your favourite social media platform, so we get lots of submissions!


I can’t draw a straight line, let alone a micro! But its a cool idea(maybe I can draw a bad crash lol), I will buy one!

I vote for the Proto-X one lol :joy:

I would wear one with the MMW symbol/motor core on the back big, and “FEEL THE POWER OF THE DARK SIDE” on it lol.

Edit: Actually I will wear whatever but please make it cool so I look better than I do now!

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I really wish I could draw and contribute!

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May I let somebody else draw for me? :wink:

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@las As long as you don’t tell hahaa.

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haha :slightly_smiling: I try maybe possible designer quad also.

Sure, recruit your friends!
Or go to fiverr.com :wink:


Id say thats a good start :smiley:
Thanks, @lucky!

He delivered…
What do you think about this?:


That looks awesome!

Hi, yesterday i thought, ok today i drawing the micro-h v3, but that was not that easy like it sounds. After some flops i got this result tonight. I hope you all like it. The Text “Quadronaut” was my idea, but “Micro-H Power” or “Micro Power” would be good, too. (sorry for my bad english)


@Benedikt Quick question, I’m sure a single person can only win once but can a person submit more than one design?

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Actually scratch that, I am not sure. I suppose it would make sense to win something if multiple shirts were accepted because it would be like buying each design… Maybe $50 for the first shirt and a smaller ammount for any following desings? :grin:

I love these designs but I would like the option to have them without text. Just the pic of the quad is enough without being cheesy. A whole pencil styled line of familiar frames and styles with zero labeling would be very appealing to me.

I personally would pay through the nose for a lifelike, pencil drawn, LOS alien parrot, gray on black @ a 45 degree angle.

Here is one of my designs. I am not sure if I am totally done touching it up and I am happy to do some more work on it if @Benedikt likes the idea. I also can use the “Dark force, feel the power” text on anything.

As @FlemonMallister Requested. This may not be life like enough but again a lot of time goes into each of these so before I spend upwards of 5 or six hours really getting it perfect I’d like to get some feedback so let me know. Not an artist so honestly I wont be offended if its dogsh*t. Actually if its crap id really appreciate some honest feedback!


@lucky @jayson really nice work by both you guys

@cb700213 IMHO for an amateur artist, which is what you are this is an excellent result :smiley:


Thank you! :slight_smile: Nice that you like it, because I totally agree to cb700213, for “amateur artists” like us, it need a lot of time. I think the Text is not really needed for this challenge and is no problem to cut him off. Maybe it is a good solution to separate Text and Drawing and if someone wants to buy a shirt, he can choose between the different Texts and Drawings.