Micro propeller balancing


Like to share a video of my micro prop balancer



Nice rig! How to you balance a prop that small?

Also wanted to thank you for the post. I had an issue come up with my quad yesterday when I changed props to a set I trimmed down from my 10mm motors. I saw the title of your post and wondered if that could be the issue. Swapped out the props and all is well in Quadtopia.


most likely yes! more than 50% chance of the propeller i get from these micro drones come unbalanced out of the packaging.


@Whoopingtits What do you do to balance the prop blades? Do you remove material on the heavy blade, e.g. scrape with an x-acto blade? Or do you add weight to the light side, e.g. with a piece of tape?


yes i scrap the propeller with xacto knife underneaft the scoop of the prop to create more lift and on top of the propeller. im also experimenting to see if taking a plastic chunk off the hub with knife will help balance also


I was inspired and used what I had on hand, a thin sewing pin, block of foam and an Exacto blade.


Do you need to go thru the top of the prop with the pin or the magnet is strong enough?


@Whoopingtits What is the metal rod you are using to mount the propeller on?


i used a sewing needle.


@flyngobana the needle should be through the propeller and touching the magnet. The sharp end of the needle will give it the lease resistance ao prop can rotate freely. The other none sharp end ahould be floating as close as possible to the magnet without pulling the other sharp end


The simplest micro prop balancing rig that you probably already own: