Micro Multi Rotor Organization & Storage

I’ve built quite a few Micro Multi Rotor FPV aircraft in the last year or two and never had a good way to store them. Peter @pedro147 posted about these Tactix storage trays in the Open source AlienFlight FC thread and I picked up a few for $6.99 each on sale at Blain’s Farm & Fleet. They are modular with removable containers so you can configure each tray to fit your specific needs.

I found them to be the perfect size for organizing some of my Micro Mulit Rotor FPV aircraft.

Tactix Storage Tray:

Tactix Storage Tray Stock Configuration:

Tactix Storage Tray configured for Micro Multi Rotor FPV storage:


Nice work John @Hammer

I didn’t even think of using them for this, just initially parts storage for the FC’s that I am ‘attempting’ to build :slight_smile:

Thanks, and as usual beautiful photo’s too John

Great idea! These look very similar to the stanley storemasters but at a better price. Just ordered a couple .

These looks to be closest:

Thanks for the Tactix suggestion. Your Farm & Fleet link suggest you live in Illinois, Iowa or Wisconsin. I picked up one of these Tactix organizers last night from the Farm & Fleet store on State Street in Rockford, Illinois.

Here is how I keep all my quad stuff organized for flying. Its just using a $30 Harbor Freight case that I got on sale. It is great and can even hold my TX.


I found some additional uses for the Tactix storage trays…tools and wire. Spent some time organizing some of my hobby stuff today and found these trays really nice because of their flexibility.

Tactix storage tray for hobby tools:

Tactix storage tray for wire:


Very Nice boxes I love the labeling. Some inspiration for sure, Ill post my ghetto box, once I get home.

Tag…putting on my wish list.

I had a customer at my store buy THIS which is a total waste of $$ but…
He didn’t want the box and asked me to throw it away.

I did

But first I’m gonna use it as a quad box.

It seemed to have the perfect sized compartments and the box itself was of high quality cardboard in order to fill the $129 price tag. It Also came full of the perfect white high density foam I have used to make landing feet and further customize the box to fit all my things.

I Use a 11200mAh USB Battery that can output at 1.0A and 2.0A depending on which port you plug it into. In Order to counter act that 2.0A port I use these Adafruit Chargers that charge at a 100mAh

I also use a cheapo LiPo voltage reader to read the voltage on the batteries I charge and where they are at when I end my flights.

My buddies at work make fun of me cuz I solder at work and cary around a box that looks like this when it fully operational. They call it the “Bomb Box” I don’t disagree cuz there is enough potential energy in there to cause a small explosion :sweat_smile:

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My approach.
Just first fast try. Could be more elaborated.
Place enough for a second floor.

Foam blocks are secured with velcro.

Different colours available.


I keep most of my toys in draws under my bed (not batteries!) because they are my “valuables” lol. I get in trouble for it daily.

Not so organised as you guys. But I know whats in there! I won’t show you my work area…at least till I tidy it a bit lol. And don’t laugh at my heatshrink. I had never seen 100mm so I had to order it. Anyone want a fully shrink wrapped micro lol.

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After being away from hobbies for about a year and a half, I’m now learning about and building some Whoop’s. These little machines are so much fun to build and fly, here’s a few parts I have on hand. :grinning:


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Nice storage! I like to use these boxes for all my RC stuff.





Very nicely organized…DeWALT has some great tool storage boxes!

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I like to repurpose items I have around the house if I can.

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