Micro Motors Anonymous - A Junkies show & tell

My name is Boomtown and I am an addict…

@Benedikt warned me of this in the first video I saw of his. I knew I’d enjoy this hobby; but never imagined I’d go so far. I’ve always dreamed of flying, I know you did too, and that dream has never been more real. The research, the build, the experience… I crave it all.
How addicted are you? Show us… You’re with people who love you; and, no matter how bad you have it, someone has it worse…


Hello Everyone. My name is Burton, and I’m a MicroAddict / MicroHolic.

I’m going to lay everything out like @boomtown and take a nice pic, but I need to wait until the wife is not home. Otherwise, if she sees everything I really have, I probably won’t have a wife anymore.


More money for drones :money_mouth: And space too! The work bench you can build… Ohh the possibilities haha.

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You have been warned :wink:
And when you think it’s crazy already, the voices are calling and it’s getting worse.
But don’t worry, together we will be strong.


Ha, love it. Never too many spares!

I honestly don’t have a problem, it’s just a few quads, I could walk away anytime. Addiction? Me? Never…


The struggle is real. Micros are insanely addicting.lol My friends tell me “im insane for having so many, you can only fly ONE at a time.” They just don’t know what it’s like to feel the insane rush of trying to have a perfect LOS flight without crashing, or the insane rush of being behind the goggles without crashing :stuck_out_tongue: For me it makes me feel so alive. it’s not a video game with infinite respawns, its a real life craft that costs money so I want to do my best to never crash, ever! They just don’t understand though :wink:

That’s why I found this insanely awesome community, and thank goodness for it! It’s all such a brilliant hobby. Well worth the obsession, well worth the addiction. The only thing I never considered was the extra cost involved for tools and materials needed to build these micro quads. for example, loom bands, soldering iron, helping hands, etc. All of that stuff tends to add up the cost of everything… But i can think of costlier addictions that are way worse to be into, so I’m happy to be where i am :slight_smile:


You have to be strong :muscle:@Chaotix! The first step of Micros anonymous is always the hardest; admitting the addiction.
I may be an addict… I never said it’s a problem :blush:

I like to bring 3 quads out with me. This way I can fly constantly while rotating to let the motors cool down. What’s not in the picture are all my tools, chargers, and building materials which I too overlooked.

That’s another reason why I have 3 micros in the line up. I try to do the same if possible. quad rotation is key for motor longevity, its nice to let them cool down after a hard run :slight_smile: another reason why i have 3 in my line up is because when one breaks, I’ll always have a back up. lol

Haha I see @boomtown caught the spares were two drawers :wink: Sometimes you have to call in the back up troops.

Haha, plus “more spares” on the bottom! I think @Benedikt is either trying to downplay his addiction or that box is much larger than it looks in the picture. :laughing: I remember a video with there being tote boxes upon the dozens full of parts!

And the entire railing on the upper deck laid out with about 200+ micros haha maybe it was only 100+ but if anyone has an addiction to micros, it would have to be Dr Ben :wink:

I still have the 3 FC you sent. Will be looking at them again soon to see if I can get them working. May be a few more builds to add to that fabulous collection of quads you have :slight_smile:

Benedikt’s got no addiction as we can all see in this video haha.


dude… @Benedikt is the Micro Motor God.

That is one mind blowing video. lol

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HAHA! I’ve watched that video about 3-4 times and every time I end up spotting something new that I missed the previous times!

Did I mention how much I appreciate you checking those out for me? Thanks again! I am, however, feeling slightly overwhelmed with parts :sweat_smile: I suppose one purple alien can’t hurt though :grimacing: BUT ONLY ONE! lol. The rest you may do as you see fit; maybe raffle them in the community…?
Speaking of which, I’m actually trying to figure out a fun way to liquidate. Something along the lines of “racing for pinks” or Freestyle Competitions where the winner is voted on by community members (get a DVR folks). But that’s all… :sunglasses: up in the air. (har-har)

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Dr. Ben has forgotten about more quad parts than ill ever own!

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You guys, I hate to bring up an old thread but damn I’ve just become a monster lately. Binge buying… Becoming snippy when I have to work and not absorb more information on specs and builds!

And my room! My room is disorganized with parts everywhere… so many parts, so little accomplished… more money is spent. More web browsing is done… the parts pile up… still so little accomplished !

My roommates say they barely
See me anymore…

I believe I am suffering from, the micro motor addiction!

After a super crappy experience with spectrum (in which they took fault for and apologized sincerely) and being without my radio for 2 weeks
Lack of flight is also another reason for tonight’s insanity!
Dreaded pink eye has me grounded when the weather is 75*f and sunny… doctor recommends no goggles for 9 more days…

Ohhhh the irony!!! Lol

It’s 12:00am.
1 year quadcopter anniversary starts today!

One year since flying the quads!

(Figured this was the perfect post to rant in, since it’s been a year since I’ve been addicted to this insane hobby! :wink: )


Only a few days less than me.

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Nice! What was your first quad, a RTF or self built? Mine was a rtf dromida vista ! The stock FC had terrible issues, they sent an updated FC which eventually led to issues lol that thing was insane now that I think about it… glad it’s out of my life lol

Syma X12
Then an Eachine H8
Then a Scisky with a balsa wood frame while I waited for Picnic Quads to deliver my frame
Got an Syma X5 unexpectedly for Christmas.
Got my Quanums in January for first FPV
Build a dozen or so brushed variants with either Scisky or H8 mini FCs.
In April I went brushless with a 1407 builds (3.5" and 4"), got Fatshark Dominator V3s
In May built my first 5in with 2205, got LaForges for my Fatsharks.
In June switched to Raceflight almost exclusively, built a 4" with 2205s, raced in my first race
In July built my first 6", anothe 5" and a Minimalist 128
In October built my first FPV Wing
In November my first E010 whoop
And most recently the nano brushless builds.

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