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Micro Motor Workshop - live and revamped!



This is the in-between-shows participation thread for the Micro Motor Workshop live stream. If you can not watch the episodes live to participate in the chat, you can instead ask questions or leave feedback at any time in this forum thread right here.

live chat (Discord): http://bit.ly/MMW-live-chat
forum (this thread): http://bit.ly/MMW-live-forum

you can watch the live video on Youtube or on Facebook:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Micro-motor-warehouse/live
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/custommicroflyer

schedule: nope.
live things happen when they happen :wink:

you can watch previous episodes and other related videos on the MMW YT channel:

if you want to share the live stream with your friends, you can send them to http://bit.ly/MMW-live-info, it redirects to an info page with the above links.



Really happy these are happening again! Hope to make the next one


Don’t forget @Benedikt to make an early announcement here when/if you can for the next one. Maybe we could have a little time to prep more questions or topics of discussion together. I also personally don’t trust the youtube notification bell. It’s performance is inconsistent.


I will post future sessions here the moment they go live!


or even before that… trying to schedule this one :wink:


Getting ahead of myself. But thats what you need, right? :slight_smile:
So this time, I schedule almost 24h ahead, and I have an explosive topic for you. Please come along for the ride!