Micro Motor Raffle - CSS Edition - Build #1


Just saw this and thought I’d share.
Hope it’s ok to safe you some work @Benedikt and post it before you.


I’ve got my shot for serial # 001


I’m in it to win it!


I still can’t believe I won! Here is what happened in the Netherlands!


Look forward to seeing your posts and video with it.


Brilliant! Congrats! I’m glad we were all there to see you win the raffle - HAHAHA
Awesome job!


Thanks! I’ve had a lot of fun editing that haha :smiley:




I’m glad you found it! I keep laughing every time :joy:


the one time i am away from the forum for a while and i miss all this excitement!

Congrats on the win @JBFPV ! that is clip of the audience is HILARIOUS :smiley:


Excellent! well done @JBFPV love the response vid, thanks for the credit lol


LOL! That was frickin’ awesome!

Weird, you bear a striking resemblance to Mr Bean! That does kinda explains your flying style, though.


good show!


haha thanks @burtlo ! I knew you’d enjoy it!

I’m kind of a mix of Mr. Bean and Borat though… :joy:

*Should’ve called myself BoratFPV and fly in a Mankini lol imagine that


OMG! Mr Bean and Borat! :sweat_smile:

@Benedikt: Good idea on the raffle! :sunglasses:

@JBFPV fair win and brilliant video response! :smiley: