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Micro Motor Maniacs - Team Pilot Invite (Post #284 - Logo Poll Open)


Lemme know what y’all think. I have a couple more concepts that I’m finishing up that I will post soon. I like the idea of keeping a somewhat black/red theme to complement MMW’s branding. :beers:


That looks epic!


Wow, this is so darn awesome! Looks like I’ve missed a ton of great stuff while having been away from the hobby for the past few months…

I’ve been getting back into things and just started putting a mini quad together…I’ve been meaning to fly the micros at work but I’m RUSTY. Hopefully I can get some stuff together to participate as well!

Been missing all you cool cats!


Looks pretty sweet!


have not made a vid in a while…
just a quick run round the airfield to break in the spring.

go team!


Hi guys, sorry I was away yesterday!
@befreestudios I love this logo! I am looking forward to see your other projects, but this one is Awesome already :slight_smile: I also have a plan in my head about the animation with it.
I think we should start a PM conversation with all the graphic team members, I think it is possible to start a multiple people conversation? Would be helpful to talk all the details.


Here are some designs from me, in different styles …

Nice & clean looks pretty cool :ok_hand:


If benedikt approves of us using his logo why not put it where the circles are? As the motors of the mmm logo


Fantastic guys!!! Just awesome stuff coming together!


Do I need to do anything to accept the invite? To the maniacs I’m stoked to be part of it :beers:


@thexboxblaster I created a slack channel for us to real-time collab. There are different rooms for web-dev, graphics, etc…

PM me your email and I’ll invite you…
Anyone else that would like access to the slack channel PM me and I’ll get you in.


Here’s my submission for a logo - damn my paint program - can’t write Micro Motor Maniacs wrapped along the edge (like on coins)


I was actually going the same direction myself! Dig it. Tons of great submissions already!


I love all these logos. Hopefully our graphic design team stores all these someplace safe - I say we use them all and rotate out from time to time!


Something to this effect was stuck in my head…couldn’t shake it so I had to make it. @chime13 I prefer the font you chose for the ‘M’ however!


That is absolutely sick!
I second the font adjustment, but damn!!


I like the simplicity of your logo. A logo should be simple and remarkable, which is IMHO the case here.
I also like the detail that the M’s are “touching” and form a triangle.


@las You are absolutely correct about logos being very simple make the greatest impact. Take the silly checkmark from Nike for instance - As simple as it gets and totally remarkable and unmistakeable.

I was also going for that Biohazard type of logo impact

Dark side of the Micro…

@iamkaioken - The font that I used is “Futura”. I like that we kinda went in the same direction. I decided against the motor core center because it reminds me too much of the old 45rpm record adapters for turntables. -hahaha
Your idea of writing the team name along the edge is close to the idea I had, though mine would start on the bottom-left “M” and run up and around clock-wise, spreading the letters evenly around.


OK - This is what I have in mind. I eyeballed the letter spacing and placement - so ultimately, somebody with a proper graphics program will have to do it better.
Personally, I think it’s cool and sophisticated, gender-neutral and age-neutral.


Yes. This is great! The letter spacing makes me feel like I’m looking at a chronograph…how I yearn a nice bespoke one later in life.

I like the internal triangle as well…I fought with how it would look on my iteration of this particular style logo, but in the end I likened the MMW logo as a locknut on a tri-blade prop as it spins. I’ll modify mine just to show a couple additional takes on my thought process.

@chime13 you’re so right regarding simplicity in a logo!!